Parents host school safety workshop

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 3, 2007

A meeting of parents will be held at the Greenville Middle School's lunchroom on Thursday at 7 p.m. to discuss safety in the school system.

According to Greg Luckie, a parent and organizer of the meeting, the meeting will be an informal one, but the main objective is to get parents to take a more active role in stopping violence in the school system.

&#8220What we want to do is get a list of parent volunteers who will be able to work a certain number of hours per week in the schools next year and monitor hallways and bathrooms,” said Luckie. &#8220We also will draw up a list of concerns about the Code of Conduct to deliver to the Board of Education.”

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Luckie has spoken before the Board on two separate occasions about confrontations his two sons have had while in school.

&#8220I've talked with a few parents with similar concerns,” said Luckie. &#8220We want to approach the Board as one voice.”

Superintendent Mike Looney said he and the Board of Education welcome all input from parents.

&#8220Certainly the Board of Education encourages all parents to be engaged in our schools and in conversations to make them better,” he said. &#8220We wish Mr. Luckie well as he and other parents come up with ways to improve our school system, especially as it concerns safety and discipline.”