Cycling around the world

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 14, 2007

Greenville had a pair of international visitors on Tuesday and Wednesday. Bicyclists Andoni Rodelgeo, a native of Spain, and Alice Goffart, of Belgium stayed overnight at the home of Chester and Yvonne Deas on S. Street.

The pair started cycling the world in 2004, beginning their long journey in Europe and traveling into Asia until they reached the continental United States in November 2006.

&#8220We always wanted to travel without a deadline,” said Goffart. &#8220Just get lost. We saw a man in Africa who was seeing the country by bicycle and thought that's perfect. Some countries we've visited have been quite amazing.”

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Crossing the Pacific Ocean was a unique experience, said Goffart. The two cyclists hopped a cargo freighter in Japan bound for Canada.

&#8220Because of security we had to call the freight companies one by oneŠand we finally found one that would take us,” she said.

The two joined an Internet cycling club, which is how they met the Deas' daughter, Erin Laine, who lives with her husband in New Orleans, La. Laine asked her parents if Goffart and Rodelgeo could stay with them in Greenville.

&#8220We've enjoyed having them,” said Yvonne Deas.

Rodelgeo, who is an industrial engineer, and Goffart, who is an anthropologist, said they would return to their home in Belgium later this year. – Kevin Pearcey