Students to raise funds for victims of Thursday storm

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 3, 2007

When a line of fierce, tornado-spawning storms swept through Alabama on Tuesday, Enterprise High School and its stadium were left in rubble. Cars were flipped, homes and businesses, destroyed.

Worst of all, several students and a teacher were killed as the high school's roof and walls collapsed.

Their catastrophe might have been our own, said Greenville High School Principal Dr. Kathy Murphy.

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&#8220My heart breaks for Enterprise High School. As a tornado is not partial to the location it destroys, it could have easily been us on the national news today,” Murphy said.

&#8220Thank God we were spared. A disaster like this does make you want to do something to help.”

Murphy's students feel the same way.

&#8220We have some great kids with big hearts. Several students met at break on Friday to discuss how our school can help. I am so proud of them for taking this initiative,” the principal said.

The GHS students decided to band together and raise funds to help with the Enterprise cause, &#8220whether it is money donated directly to the Enterprise High School Relief Fund or American Red Cross to be used for EHS help,” Murphy explained.

The school is making it a friendly competition.

Beginning Monday, March 5, four jars will be placed in the front lobby of Greenville High, one jar for each grade level.

&#8220For each $250 a class raises, the entire class will be given a date they, as a class, can come to school out of uniform,” Murphy said.

The principal is challenging each class to shoot for a goal of $1,000 raised.

&#8220I truly believe these goals are attainable – if our students see the need to help and to encourage their parents, churches, neighbors and others to contribute to this cause,” Murphy said.

She is also challenging her faculty to donate $1,000 to the fund. Not being afraid to put her money where her mouth is, the principal has already donated $100 to the faculty's disaster fund.

&#8220Imagine those teachers and administrators having to do the unthinkable - identifying the bodies of young people who came to school full of life, but who met instead an untimely fate,” Murphy said.

&#8220Put yourself into the shoes of those parents, classmates, teachers, townspeople. We encourage the school and the entire community to give.”

The disaster fund drive will continue through March 16 at the school. Contact GHS at 382-2608 for additional information.