Making a killing with fishnet lamps

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 14, 2006

Looking a lot like Christmas around Greenville right now. First, let me applaud Jennifer Stringer and the city for the decorations and lights in the park. The courthouse also joined the festivities this week with the addition of lights and decorations to the exterior. There's also a tree inside the main lobby with a stereo situated nearby playing Christmas songs throughout the day.

Remember when Christmas decorations in Greenville consisted of the city hauling out those same ratty wreaths each year and stapling them to a light pole? Things have changed. For the better.

One of the more interesting stories circulating this season is how a San Diego, Ca., native purchased the home used in the film &#8220A Christmas Story.” What is &#8220A Christmas Story”? It's the film TNT executives - in their infinite wisdom - decided in the last couple of years to broadcast 24 hours straight starting on Christmas Eve and ending on Christmas night. Yes, at any given moment on Christmas day, you can flip over to TNT and see one of the following: A.) A boy with his tongue stuck to a lightpole; B.) A cherub faced bespectacled lad mooning over a Red Ryder BB gun; C.) Santa as Satan kicking said cherub faced bespectacled lad down a long slide into a pile of cotton, or D.) Darren McGavin extolling the virtues of a lamp shaped to resemble a lady's fishnet clad leg.

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I used to look forward to this movie with fondness at Christmas season. Now it's become like a song you love that you hear way too many times.

But for San Diegan Brian Jones too much is never enough. Jones brought the Cleveland home for a cool $150,000 and set about renovating the home until it was fashioned exactly like the 1940s interior, the period in which the film is set.

Jones has come up with at least one way to make back his investment. Two years ago he started selling those same &#8220leg lamps” that McGavin - as Ralphie's father - so proudly situates in the front window of the house during the film. Jones sells the lamps for $139.99 apiece at so if you're still searching for gift ideas for a treasured loved one by all means log on to the Internet and buy a leg lamp.

In this holiday season what the world needs now is not love.

It's more shimmering leg lamps on windowsills everywhere.

I mean in a world like that, how can you not have peace and good will toward men?

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