Election#039;s over, now trash the signs

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A big please here: Will everyone who ran for election in 2006 do this county a service and gather up each of your respective &#8220Vote For Me” signs and dump them?

The election's done with and it certainly would be nice to not be assaulted on every corner with this name or that name. Now granted, for the losers this year, it may take awhile before the gusto visits them sufficiently enough to take a weekend and gather up their campaign regalia (almost like a losing football team standing dumbfounded on the field of play after a defeat), but there should be no excuse for not eventually getting off your collective duffs and trashing what needs to be trashed.

The same with you winners. Had I just won an election - by either generous or close margin - I would be enthusiastic about showing the people just what kind of person they had elected; one who not only intends to do their job, but also respects the county - and cleanliness of said county - in which I served.

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Nothing is more irritating to me than a gaggle of obsolete and decaying campaign signs roosting on some lonesome byway. It's as if the politicians - especially the losers – want to remind us of their presence. &#8220By God, I may not have won,” they say, &#8220but at least they know I was here.” And then they can go off to their graves comfortable in the knowledge that, not only is their a gravestone to mark their passing, but somewhere there is tattered cardboard sign nailed to some tree beside a highway that boldly espouses their name and their virtues.

One restaurant in Rocky Mount, N.C., has come up with a unique idea to rid their area of campaign signs. Between Wednesday and Nov. 15, patrons of the Highway Diner can bring in a sign from off the road and receive a coupon for a free barbecue sandwich.

The Nov. 15 deadline is probably a good idea. If not, residents of Rocky Mount would be plucking campaign signs until kingdom come as such driving the Highway Diner out of business.

So, this is a call for responsibility. You candidates can take it or leave it. I understand that those beautiful red or white or blue emblems cost you plenty. And they either served or did not serve their purpose.

But now they're just paper.

Gather them up and have a barbecue.

Kevin Pearcey is Group Managing Editor of Greenville Newspapers, LLC. He can be reached by phone at 383-9302, ext. 136 or by email at: editor@greenville.advocate.com.