Identity theft suspects arrested again by GPD

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 3, 2006

A man and woman convicted of identity theft earlier this year are back in jail for essentially the same crime, according to Greenville police.

Deangelo Crenshaw, 26, and Natalie Blackmon, 24, were both arrested on Sept. 13 and charged with fraudulent use of a credit card. Officers allege Crenshaw and Blackmon stole a purse from a parked car on Bethlehem Rd. outside the city limits and returned to Greenville where the pair went on a spending spree using the victim's MasterCard.

Both were convicted of possession of forged checks earlier this year and, according to Sgt. Justin Lovvorn, were in the process of paying restitution and court costs from the original conviction when they were arrested again.

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Lovvorn said Crenshaw and Blackmon used the MasterCard at Super Foods, where they purchased beer and cigarettes and then bought gas from a convenience store.

The pair also attempted to purchase several items from the USA Travel Center on I-65, but the cashier on duty recognized the name on the credit card and asked for identification, stated Lovvorn. The two suspects left without paying for the goods and the clerk notified police.

Lovvorn said officers arrested the two suspects at the Wal-Mart Super Center that night. He said patrolmen arrived on the scene to find the suspects' car loaded with several expensive items, including a 20-inch television, DVD player and stereo. Officers apprehended Crenshaw and Blackmon when they returned to their car with more items, including groceries, said Lovvorn.

Lovvorn said he hopes other cashiers and store clerks would be as observant as Lethea McKee, the cashier at the USA Travel Center who supplied the police with information that led to the suspects' arrest.

&#8220All it takes is about ten seconds to ask for identification so that you can verify that the person using the credit card is the one who is supposed to use it,” said Lovvorn. &#8220It can ending up saving the victim a lot of money, as in this case.”