Strategic Plan is first significant step

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 3, 2006

This Thursday night Superintendent Mike Looney will present the Board of Education with a finished Strategic Plan for the Butler County School System.

This plan represents a year of on-going strategy sessions conducted by the Board throughout the county. Parents, students, faculty and citizens of this county were allowed an opportunity to provide input and ideas - either by attending a work session, or through a comprehensive questionnaire - which helped lay the groundwork for the Strategic Plan; a plan that will, in a sense, serve as a foundation and guidepost for Butler County's future.

We'd like to applaud the Board of Education, Superintendent Mike Looney, all who served on the Strategic Planning Committee, and those who took time out to offer their own suggestions towards improving our school system. The Strategic Plan is a first - but significant - step in making Butler County Schools the best in the state.

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