Mitchell speaks to educators at workshop

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 3, 2006

AEA District 31 held a Summer Workshop on Tuesday, July 25 at the Old Mexico Restaurant in Greenville.

Educators from Butler, Crenshaw, Lowndes and Pike counties and Troy City schools were in attendance at the day-long event, Event Coordinator Julie Swann, Uniserv Director for the district, said.

&#8220We had several representatives from the AEA sharing information about the history and structure of the organization, roles and responsibilities of membership, benefits and more,” Swann said.

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One of the highlights of the day was an afternoon visit from State Senator Wendell Mitchell (Dem.). The senator told those present he believed the upcoming election was &#8220one of the most critical we've had in a long, long time.”

He encouraged the educators to vote &#8220for the person, not the party.”

&#8220We need to take the candidates' track records, their public service into account…we need folks who are interested in the people who elect them to office,” Mitchell said.

The senator also pointed out teachers and administrators have a good track record at the polls.

&#8220You always have a high percentage turn out for elections, and that's good.”

Mitchell encouraged the educators to turn out and vote their conscience in the November elections.