YMCA#039;s Tigersharks back in action

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 3, 2006

The Greenville Tigersharks recently competed in two events with several swimmers winning or placing in these multi-team competitions.

The Tigersharks competed at the Central Alabama Sprint meet in Prattville and Josh Banks and Sydni Boutwell both placed in their respective divisions in the breatstroke competitions.

&#8220The competition is very stiff in this race,” Tigersharks head coach Rebecca Mosely said. &#8220I encourage all of my swimmers to compete to help motivate them and increase their speed times.”

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Banks finished fourth out 16 swimmers in the 13-14-year-old division while Boutwell finished eighth out of 15 swimmers in the 13-14-year-old division.

Following the Prattville meet, the Tigersharks next took to the water in the Meet at the Southeast YMCA.

The following is a list of each swimmer's time and place in each respective event:

Girls 11-12 200-Yard Free Relay

3rd- Amelia Grider, Rhiya Daniel, Mollie Boutwell, Victoria Walker- 3:45.22

Girls 13-14 200-Yard Free Relay

2nd- Kaylin Bowen, Lauren Christ, Sarah Sims, Sydni Boutwell- 2:29.29

Boys 13-14 200-Yard Free Relay

2nd- Josh Banks, Caleb Christ, Mike Dunn, Zachary Grider- 3:08.10

Girls 9-10 25-Yard Free

2nd- Mollie Boutwell- 20.94

4th- Amelia Grider- 21.19

Boys 9-10 25-Yard Free

6th- Caleb Christ- 24.85

Girls 11-12 50-Yard Free

3rd- Kaylin Bowen- 45.62

5th- Victoria Walker- 49.87

Boys 11-12 50-Yard Free

3rd- Michael Dunn- 48.38

Girls 13-14 50-Yard Free

4th- Lauren Christ- 33.13

5th- Sydni Boutwell- 35.00

6th- Laura Jones- 36.37

7th- Sarah Sims- 37.69

Boys 13-14 50-Yard Free

2nd- Josh Banks- 30.50

Girls 15-18 50-Yard Free

1st- Lacey Callins- 37.66

Girls 8 & Under 25-Yard Back

12th- Rhiya Daniel- 42.37

Boys 9-10 25-Yard Back

6th- Zachary Grider- 28.41

8th- Caleb Christ- 29.53

Girls 11-12 50-Yard Back

5th- Kaylin Bowen- 1:02.12

Boys 11-12 50-Yard Back

6th- Mike Dunn- 1:10.37

Girls 13-14 50-Yard Back

2nd- Sydni Boutwell- 40.40

3rd- Lauren Christ- 41.15

Boys 13-14 50-Yard Back

2nd- Josh Banks- 42.91

Girls 15-18 50-Yard Back

2nd- Lacey Callins- 45.69

Boys 9-10 25-Yard Fly

3rd- Zachary Grider- 26.38

Girls 11-12 50-Yard Fly

2nd- Victoria Walker- 57.25

Girls 13-14 50-Yard Fly

4th- Sarah Sims- 47.00

Girls 7-8 50-Yard Free

1st- Rhiya Daniel- 1:18.09

Girls 9-10 50-Yard Free

1st- Amelia Grider- 47.25

Boys 9-10 50-Yard Free

4th- Zachary Grider- 45.10

Boys 11-12 100-Yard Free

3rd- Mike Dunn- 1:54.91

Girls 13-14 100-Yard Free

3rd- Lauren Christ- 1:18.27

5th- Laura Jones- 1:25.28

Girls 7-8 25-Yard Breast

6th- Rhiya Daniel- 47.76

Girls 9-10 25-Yard Breast

2nd- Amelia Grider- 26.65

3rd- Mollie Boutwell- 26.88

Boys 9-10 25-Yard Breast

8th- Caleb Christ- 38.03

Girls 11-12 50-Yard Breast

5th- Victoria Walker- 1:05.82

6th- Kaylin Bowen- 1:09.63

Girls 13-14 50-Yard Breast

3rd- Laura Jones- 47.08

Girls 9-10 100-Yard IM

4th- Mollie Boutwell- 1:58.61

Girls 13-14 100-Yard IM

2nd- Sydni Boutwell- 1:33.03

4th- Sarah Sims- 1:43.34

Boys 13-14 100-Yard IM

2nd- Josh Banks- 1:21.96

Girls 11-12 200-Yard Medley Relay

3rd- Amelia Grider,

Rhiya Daniel, Mollie Boutwell, Victoria Walker- 4:49.85

Girls 13-14 200-Yard Medley Relay

1st- Kaylin Bowen, Lauren Christ, Sarah Sims, Sydni Boutwell- 3:13.25

Boys 13-14 200-Yard Medley Relay

1st- Josh Banks, Dallas Harrison, Michael Dunn, Steven Countryman-