Hall qualifies as candidate for probate judge

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 3, 2006

Greenville native John Hall announced on Thursday that he has qualified and will run for the Democratic nomination for probate judge in the June 6 primary.

Hall, who has run twice for the former office of tax collector in 1998 and 20002, said that he believes the voters of the county deserve a choice in the probate judge's race.

&#8220I feel like I'm a qualified candidate because I'm hard working, community oriented, community involved and dedicated to the county,” Hall said.

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Hall is a 1977 graduate of Greenville High and has two sons. He is currently working for Hyundai Motor Manufacturing in the plant engineering department.

&#8220I've always wanted to serve as a public servant, and I have a lot of ideas I would like to incorporate if given the chance,” Hall said.

Hall said one specific area that he would like to address as the new probate judge would be a way to curtail any possible avenue toward identity theft.

&#8220Number one, I would like to see the cards for car license renewal to be sealed in an envelope,” he said. &#8220I would also like to have a log kept regarding the public viewing of property tax records.”

Hall said that if elected that he will be as accessible to the public as possible.

&#8220I will make every attempt to contact every registered voter in the county,” he said. &#8220If I miss you, then please consider this a plea for your vote in the June 6 primary.”