Crowne residents reflect on resolutions for new year

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 3, 2006

New Year's resolutions: we make a lot of them, and, sometimes, it seems we fail to keep almost as many as we make.

As we get older, our perspective on such resolutions just might change.

Following their Thursday bingo game, some of the residents of Crowne Health Care shared their views on the subject of New Year's resolutions, along with a look back at 2005.

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&#8220I just don't make resolutions anymore, because I know I won't keep them,” Eskew Pugh said with a smile.

&#8220I just try to take things one day at a time,” she added.

Rosetta Muse said she used to make resolutions about &#8220some of everything.”

&#8220Sometimes I kept them – but not always,” she recalled.

Resident Carrie Harding has already started putting her resolution for 2006 into practice.

&#8220My resolution? To get my room organized. I've already got some things packed.”

As a youngster, Harding recalls resolving to do her part helping around the house and doing chores.

&#8220Every so often, I would forget, you know – it's human – but I tried,” she said.

As to why people make resolutions each January, Harding suspects it's because &#8220people are ready for a change after doing things the same way for a year.”

Mary McCall, who stays busy helping other residents during mealtimes, said she doesn't worry about resolutions.

&#8220Can't keep up with it. Christmas had already come and gone before I hardly knew it, so I can't worry about making resolutions,” she said with a shrug.

Resident Lois Early, who will turn 90 in May 2006, said she doesn't concern herself with resolutions anymore.

Instead, she relies on the help of a higher power.

&#8220I ask the Lord to take care of me everyday. At my age, and in a place like this, you don't look too far ahead,” Early, who agrees with Pugh's &#8220one day at a time” approach, said with a smile.

Pugh said she has had a good year at the nursing facility, enjoying all the activities Crowne has to offer. &#8220I just hope 2006 is as good to me as 2005 was.”

Harding remarked that the year had &#8220certainly flown by quickly.”

&#8220The weather has been odd…and all the storms this year. But you have to say here we have been blessed here in this area.”

Early said she feels blessed to still be active as her 90th year approaches.

&#8220I hope as long as I live I can do for myself, but you never know. It really is one day at a time.”