Always saying #039;yes#039;

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Christian author Bill Myers said watching children struggle with scripture led to a writing career that now encompasses all ages.

Myers, who started writing for television and has since written over 80 books for both children and adults, helped kickoff Crenshaw Christian Academy's Christian Book Fair on Wednesday.

CCA Administrator Angela Carpenter said a number of Myers' books start with a verse from the Bible, which he then takes and relates it to a child's life through an intriguing tale and colorful drawings.

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"We're blessed to have him here," she said.

Myers said he spends about an hour each morning just "hanging out with God."

From that morning session, the ideas come.

"I jot them down," he said. "That's how I start all of my children's books. It's the same thing with my grown-up books."

Myers, who lives in California, said he receives comments all the time from readers of his adult novels, telling him how they just "couldn't put his book down."

"Well, that's because I'm writing for kids, I tell them," he laughed. "The reason I'm successful as an adult author I started as children's writer. If I can hold a 10-year old child's attention then I can hold an adult's. I love writing for kids."

Myers was born in Seattle in 1953. He said he was raised in a Christian family but became real "bored" with Christianity.

"A friend told me that's because I was only half a Christian," he said. "He said I knew all about Jesus as my Savior who died for my sins on the cross, but that I didn't know anything about Him being my Lord or Boss."

Myers said after he was "dumped" by his high school girlfriend their first year of college, he decided to take his friend's advice. Even though he told God he could do anything in the world for him but write, said Myers, he allowed the Lord to take control of his life.

His projects, which include writing and directing films, have garnished him close to 40 awards.

Carpenter said Myers spent the morning delivering his testimony to CCA students. He then directed a writing workshop before taking time in the library to sign copies of his books for his young readers. During the signing, Myers distributed 'Imagery Rules' bracelets to each child. Imagery is an allegory for God in a trilogy of Myers' books.

Myers feels his success comes from always saying yes to God in his life.

"Everywhere I go, I encourage people to say yes to God," he said. "No matter how foolish it may feel, because by doing that, they'll be in the center of His will and living a cooler life than they'd ever dreamed possible."

Carpenter was genuinely impressed with the relationship Myers had with each child at the school.

"He took time to talk to each one of them and explain his books," said Carpenter.

Myers just welcomed a chance to visit what he calls his favorite state in the country.

"I love Alabama, especially its people," he said.

Myers' books for children includes the popular "McGee and Me," "Agent Dingledorf" and "Bloodstone" series. For adults, he's written "Blood of Heaven," "The Wager" and "Eli."