My kind of town

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 29, 2005

The upcoming television show featuring our town might be the best advertising Greenville ever stumbled across.

Although skeptical about the show's portrayal of a small rural town, I was willing to participate for the potential exposure Greenville might receive. I made the right decision.

Being a part of a television audience taping in a major network studio was the most fun imaginable. Two hundred Greenville residents traveled for hours together, learned new faces, cheered and laughed throughout an unforgettable day. By show time, you can be assured that we were all one team, screaming and cheering for Greenville, and each other.

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While I had a

small part in the show, that will not be my fondest memory of this experience.

Witnessing firsthand a positive story develop about my hometown's Southern hospitality that is entertaining (hilarious, actually), and worthy of primetime national exposure, has me bursting with pride. I want everyone to see it!

I understand that seven towns will be featured in the "My Kind of Town" series.

However, Greenville is the southern-most selected.

Typically, any publicity a small, Southern, rural town gets is negative. In contrast, you'll find this show's portrayal of Greenville to be refreshingly pleasant, a positive spin on the "City of Smiles."

Remind your friends and relatives, especially those out-of-state, to tune in Sunday night, August 14th, from 8-9 p.m. on ABC.

You won't be sorry.

Thanks for the memories!

Linda Horn is a resident of Greenville.