Townspeople respond to ABC show

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 17, 2005

&uot;Silly&uot;, &uot;cute,&uot; &uot;hilarious&uot; and &uot;just OK&uot;: those are examples of the comments being made about the Greenville episode of the ABC-TV’s new limited run comedy-reality series &uot;My Kind of Town.&uot;

The show premiered last Sunday night.

An unscientific poll of Greenvillians indicates many watched MKOT’s first episode.

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While many found it very amusing, some expressed reservations about certain aspects of the show.

Several folks who work and shop downtown shared their views with The Greenville Advocate on Tuesday.

&uot;I thought it was hilarious – but I did wonder what the [naked] calendar part of the show had to do with the rest of the program,&uot; Katrina Scofield, manager of The Pineapple, said.

She added she plans to watch the second episode, centered around Bordentown, N.J., this Sunday &uot;just to see if it is as funny [as the Greenville episode].&uot;

Her co-worker, Marion Norman, was delighted with the young man chosen to be the city’s &uot;Hometown Champ,&uot; Jason Pouncey.

&uot;I loved that little guy – he had such poise in front of the camera. I thought he did a great job,&uot; Norman said.

Sheryl Perdue of the Pineapple questioned whether viewers from other areas would have found the show as enjoyable as locals did.

&uot;It was really funny to us, but you wonder how funny it would seem if you didn’t know the people involved. Some of our friends in Atlanta called after the show and said, ‘We’re really glad Greenville was the first episode, because we don’t think this show will last,’&uot; Perdue said.

Perdue said she was very relieved to see small town southern life &uot;wasn’t made fun of&uot; in the show. &uot;That was a concern of mine,&uot; she said.

Like Perdue, Ricky Cargile wondered if the mass audience enjoyed the production.

&uot;It was silly but cute; however, I just wonder if anybody from other places would really want to watch it,&uot; the Terminix manager said, adding, &uot;I did like that runaway mobile home; that was pretty funny.&uot;

At The Hair Shoppe, Erica Betterton described the show as &uot;very funny.&uot;

&uot;I enjoyed it. My favorite part was when Edna Kelley got her trailer moved,&uot; Betterton said.

Both Aftan Skipper and Jone Boggan, who man the office of Dr. Harriet Foshee, agreed their favorite segment was the mobile home move.

&uot;I thought that was very funny,&uot; Skipper said.

&uot;It was funny, but it was also heartwarming. This was something she really wanted – to have her home beside her sister’s – and she got her wish. That was special,&uot; Boggan said.

What Boggan didn’t like about the show was its British host, Johnny Vaughn.

&uot;I don’t know, he just seemed kind of odd. He seemed to be putting on a show all the time, maybe that’s what he was supposed to do,&uot; Boggan said.

Like others, Skipper expressed doubts the show was as amusing to outsiders as it was to locals.

&uot;It was just OK…I have to wonder whether people who didn’t know us would have thought it all that funny,&uot; she said.

As for Angie Oswald at the Greenville Shoe Shop, she liked every aspect of the MKOT.

&uot;I thought it was very funny, really, really cute…I loved the football players doing musical chairs,&uot; Oswald said.

&uot;I thought it was too short – I think they should have made it two hours. I do wonder what they are going to do on the next show,&uot; she added.