Ms. Crowne Healthcare enjoys meeting new Miss Alabama

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Greetings from Crowne!

What an exciting week we have had at Crowne!

This week I want to tell you about Ms. Crowne Healthcare's trip to Birmingham for the Ms. ANHA (Alabama Nursing Home Association) pageant.

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Ms. Jewel Salter, 86 and a native Greenvillian,

was selected as Ms. CHC in May.

Ms. Salter is a great representative for Crowne Health Care.

She is a joy to be around and has such a wonderful personality. She has fond memories of growing up in Greenville and told me that she would not live anywhere else!

During the past few months we have been preparing for the Ms. ANHA pageant which is held each year in August.

This year they had over 73 entries for the Ms. ANHA pageant.

The top ten were selected from these entries.

Although Ms. Salter did not make the top ten, we still went to Birmingham so that she could be a member of the Honor Court.

On August 9th we loaded up in Crowne's van and headed to Birmingham.

Ms. Salter had her own "court" to wait on her hand and foot.

Staff members who attended with Ms. Salter were Courtney Ryals, (Registerd nurse), Katye Giddens (cosmetologist), and me, Sandra Medley.

I believe we were the only facility to have its personal cosmetologist with them!!!

After arriving at the Wynfrey, Ms. Salter had her portrait made and then had her picture made with Ms. Alabama, Alexa Jones.

Ms. Salter wore a beautiful blue gown.

She had so many people to come up and tell her how beautiful she was.

Blue was definitely her color, and she wore it so elegantly.

Ms. Salter and her "court" ate lunch at Ruby Tuesday in the Galleria and then did a little window shopping.

She had her makeup touched up at Macy's Estee Lauder make-up counter.

She really enjoyed this!

At two o'clock the Ms. ANHA pageant started.

Each member of the honor court was introduced. Onstage the top ten contestants were introduced, and questions were asked.

The winner of the pageant was Ms. Claire Joyce Tromer from Extendicare Health and Rehab Center.

Members of Ms. Salter's family in attendance were Ronnie and Frances Miller, Susan Bloomberg and her daughter Adrian.

After the pageant Ms. Jewel could not stop expressing how much fun she had!!

After returning home to Crowne, I asked Ms. Jewel how she enjoyed her trip.

She replied, "Didn't we have a great time? I really enjoyed it and I appreciate you girls (Courtney, Katye and Sandra) for taking me.

Y'all have been so sweet to me, I appreciate you so much."

I have to tell you, we "girls" had a great time also.

It is always fun going to the pageant.

It is a once-in -a-lifetime opportunity for our Ms. CHC.

I know they have a great time and I always enjoy the trip.

Thank you to Ms. Jewel for being a wonderful Ms. CHC.

We are so very proud of you, and we love you so very much!

Sandra Medley is a social worker at Crowne Health Care in Greenville.