Jury trials are basis of our freedoms

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 9, 2005

We applaud Sen. Wendell Mitchell's recent push in the Special Session to change Alabama's law regarding jury service.

Our Constitution dictates that anyone accused of a crime is entitled to a jury trial, but for many, being called for jury duty is a chore, rather than an honor.

Serving on a jury is the responsibility of every American citizen. Jury service is not limited to the rich or the poor.

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Being called knows no background and is blind, much like the justice that it serves.

For too long, people have steadily shrugged off jury summons.

But be advised that the fine now is $300.

While Mitchell and his peers did set up ways to be excused from jury duty, but these reasons have to be compelling and not some simple excuse.

So again, we applaud Mitchell for his stance, and we applaud our judges for making sure that the new law is followed to the letter.

Jury trials are part of the American heritage, so be sure to do your part.