Are these the best people?

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 29, 2005

Much is already being made about who will seek what office in 2006.

Many are already clamoring to be the next this or the next that.

As we see the familiar names pop up, we have to ask if this is the best that our state has to offer?

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With the exception of Lucy Baxley and Gov. Bob Riley, the majority of the possible candidates being named have run for office before. Some won their offices, while others lost their offices.

This is the 21st Century, and it is time that those who run on the names and coattails of others simply fade into the past.

It is time for people with some intelligence, common sense and the desire to actually make this state a better place to step forward.

Sadly, they rarely do because we have too many of the "good ole boys" still standing between them and us.

In 2006, we should make a stand and once and for all send these men to the annals of history where they should be happy to occasionally be recognized at their local two-bit country club.

Let the best and brightest move to the head of the line so that in 2010, we will have the real opportunity to make Alabama the greatest state in the nation.

Until then, Juniors abound and we're not talking Dale Earnhardt Jr.