Oppressive heat cause for concern

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 28, 2005

The heat index continues to top the 100 degrees mark, and that is cause for concern. This is oppressive heat, and we feel it is our duty to warn you to take precautions to prevent heat stroke, exhaustion and other heat-related illnesses.

There are some basic rules to remember when dealing with temperatures like we’ve been experiencing.

Stay indoors in an air-conditioned building as much as possible. If you do not have an air conditioner, go to a neighbor’s or to a public building during the heat of the day.

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Drink plenty of liquids of the non-alcoholic variety. Water is best, followed by sports drinks that replenish lost vitamins and minerals. Carbonated and sugared drinks are not best but are better than no liquid, and certainly better than alcohol.

Do not perform yard work during the middle of the day. It’s simply too hot. Wait until early in the morning or late in the afternoon. However, if you are working in the early morning or late afternoon, wear an insect repellent with DEET, and continue to drink plenty of fluids.

Check on the elderly. Because older people tend to feel &uot;cooler,&uot; they may be less inclined to turn on an air conditioner or fan. Check to make sure they are exercising the right precautions.

Remember your pets. Pets can suffer from heat-related illness, too. Make sure they have plenty of water and shade. Do not let them sit outdoors in the extreme heat without either of the above.