Show #039;our#039; soldiers we support them always

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Last weekend more than 140 men from around Butler County and surrounding counties

began the process for deployment to active duty in Iraq.

These men are members of the 1st of the 117th Field Artillery Unit headquartered in Andalusia. They are our brothers, sons, fathers, husbands, uncles, and friends. They are our neighbors. They are, ours.

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These men are willing to head to a war zone to fight the global war on terror and help solidify the freedoms we enjoy — and to try and give those same freedoms to a people who have never experienced freedom as we have.

This weekend was just the first step in the long process to deployment in August. This was just the first step in the seriousness of their mission. There will be many more steps to come — and there will be many concerns shared.

It is our responsibility — our community’s responsibility — to make sure these men are supported while they’re gone. It is our responsibility to make sure their families are taken care of.

Yes, the military holds responsibility, too, but we must do all we can to continue to send our thoughts, prayers, and well wishes to these men during their time of greatest need.

These are our soldiers — our family and friends — and we must remember to keep them with us at all times.

We ask you to step up to the plate and let them know you care — they have a job to do, and we do, too.