Realtor needs more space, set to build offices

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 31, 2005

If the new sign in the empty lot is an indication of the local real estate market, business must be booming.

It is, according to Debbie Martin, owner of Debbie Martin Realty, who last week erected a sign three blocks west of the courthouse proclaiming it the future home of her agency.

Martin, who bought Ruby Earnest Realty in 1998 from the ailing Earnest, said Tuesday the primary reason, is space.

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"Our business has just grown tremendously," she said.

"There are so many of us that we have outgrown our existing office. We are suffering here and as we have continued to grow, space has become a major factor."

Martin's office is currently at 415 E. Commerce St. She said the fact that she doesn't own the office she is in is another factor.

"I don't like to rent," she said.

"It's throwing money away and I would rather own the building myself.

I want a building of a my own and that has been the plan since I bought the business."

As for the size and shape of the building, Martin said she has no clue yet what it will be.

"I've bought the land and got that behind me," she said. "I've no clue at this point what the building will be like. I've sketched what I want out."

She said she would probably start with one level and build so that a second level can be added in the future.

"Again, right now I don't know exactly," she said.

"I do know that we hope to be in the office within a year so I put the sign up to let people know we would be moving soon.

Right now I know I want a cute building."

Her current office, which is housed in the corner of the building at 415 E. Commerce St., now holds nine agents.

When she bought the business, she had three.

"I will say the real estate market is in good shape," she said.

"It has certainly been good to me, my agents and my company."

Martin said people are still welcome at the current office and to drop by.