Keeping people busy in Butler County and area

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Lions Club Memorial Day Celebration was a rousing success with many turning out to listen to patriotic speeches and some great music and to simply eat and fellowship with your neighbor.

This weekend, we have the Hank Williams Festival to look forward to in Georgiana. This is likely to be the biggest Hank weekend ever with the legendary Oak Ridge Boys headlining on Saturday night.

These are just two examples of groups in our area that work extremely hard to give you something special to do. It's not because they have to do anything like this.

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It is because they enjoy the look of excitement they see when people come by.

All of the events and other work surrounding these events don't happen overnight.

They involve months of careful planning and then prescise execution.

In the next few weeks, we'll have the Main Street Summer Supper to attend and then there will Celebrate America 2005 waiting in the wings.

It is just phenomenal sometimes at what we are able to pull off here in Butler County.

We would like to add that for these events to happen, it takes participation. It takes people getting off their couches and going out and enjoying themselves.

The same ones who sit around saying there is nothing to do around here, are the same ones who never look for anything to do.

Memorial Day has come and gone. Now we look to the next major community event and we encourage you to be a part of your community.

Call these groups such as Main Street, the Chamber and anyone else holding a civic event and offer your help.

You might not only find yourself with something to do, but you may discover a whole new world of friends, and that is what these things are all about.