Red Sox nip Yankees, 4-2

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 29, 2005

Cory Ausderau scored what turned out to be the game-winning run in the third inning to lead the Red Sox past the Yankees, 4-2, in Dixie Majors action on Tuesday.

Brandon Burnett and Dusty Coker scored two runs for the Red Sox in the first inning, and then Casey Weston and Ausderau tacked on two more in the third.

Zac Smith led the Red Sox with a hit.

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Ty Newton had the hot bat for the Yankees. Newton finished the afternoon 3-for-3 with a RBI. Brady Newton also had a double for the Yankees.

Nationals 13, Rangers 8

The Fort Deposit Nationals tacked on six runs in the fifth inning to close out their 13-8 victory over the Rangers.

Dewayne Wiley led the Nationals with two hits, including a double.

Dominique McMeans also blasted a solo home run in the fifth for the Nationals.

Andy Betterton, Chris Shows, Justin Ray and Chris Wright had a hit each for the Rangers.

Yankees 8, A's 7

Chuck Barrett scored the game-winning hit in the seventh inning on a two-RBI hit by Andrew Phelps to life the Yankees past the A's on Thursday.

Phelps finished the day with six RBIs, after crushing a grand slam home run in the first inning.

Josh Booker led the A's with two doubles, while Brad Heartsill, David Moore and Adam Moore had a double each.

Red Sox 16, Nationals 2

Brandon Burnette led off the bottom half of the first inning with a home run to start an 8-run inning for the Red Sox in their easy win over the Fort Deposit Nationals.

The Red Sox tacked on eight more runs in the second before the game was called after three innings.

Derrell Robinson and Darnell Smith scored a run each for the Nationals.

Dixie Angels

Heat 11, Gators 7

Linsey Niehaus had a hit and scored two runs for the Heat in their win over the Gators on Thursday.

Daphne Moore and Kendra McNaughton had a hit and scored a run for the Heat.

Colby Benson and Whitney Boswell had a hit and scored a run for the Gators.

Warriors 12, Panthers 3

Adrianna Callen had two hits and scored two runs to lead the Warriors past the Panthers.

Alex Courtney and Grace Cason also had a hit and scored a run for the Warriors.

Niaya Johnson had a hit and scored a run for the Panthers.

Dixie Youth

Red Sox 6, Mets 2

The Red Sox broke a 2-all tie in the seventh inning by scoring four runs to maintain their league leading 11-1 record on Tuesday.

Todd Burkett paced the Red Sox with two hits, including a solo home run in the first inning.

Jackson Mimms and Steven Till also had two hits for the Red Sox.

Gray Vinson led the Mets at the plate going 3-for-3 with a triple. Skylar McKewon, who scored both of the Mets' runs, also had three hits.

A's 3, Braves 1

The A's knocked the Braves into a tie for second place with the Cardinals following the A's 3-1 victory.

Raymond Moody and Wesley Hendrix led the A's by scattering two hits, including a double. Bud Thagard also had two hits for the A's who are now 7-6 in the league.

Miller Owens had two doubles for the Braves, who drop to 9-4 in the league.

Cardinals 4, Rangers 2

The Cardinals scored two runs in the first and third innings and then held off a late Rangers' rally for the win.

Stuart Mathews paced the Cardinals with two hits, including a two-run home run in the first inning.

Cody Tesmer also had two doubles, while Hunter Armstrong had two hits.

Adarius Waters had two hits, including a double for the Rangers.

Charlie Schofield and Dalton Burns also had two hits for the Rangers.


Slammers 15, Pirates 5

The Slammers scored 10 runs in the first two innings to cruise past the Pirates on Thursday.

Abby Blackmon, Cortnee Meyers and Abbey Martin had two hits each to lead the Slammers.

Lori Fail had two hits for the Pirates.