Council annexes #039;Gobbler Hollow#039;

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 28, 2005

The City of Greenville got a little bigger during Monday's City Council meeting when it voted to annex The Preserve at White Oak, also commonly called Gobbler Hollow.

Mayor Dexter McLendon introduced the ordinance at the May 9 Council meeting that would authorize the annexation of the Gobbler Hollow housing development. He advised the Council that for the ordinance to be considered that night, the Council would have to unanimously agree to suspend the rules.

Councilman Tommy Ryan voted not to suspend the rules saying he was not against the ordinance, but that he wanted more time to study any related issues surrounding the annexation.

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On Monday, the ordinance was before the Council again and this time it passed with unanimous approval by all the present council members.

Councilmen James Lewis and Jeddo Bell were absent because they were attending the state's League of Municipalities convention in Huntsville.

When the mayor asked for a discussion following the motion and second to introduce the ordinance again, Ryan asked to comment on his reason for waiting to this meeting.

"I wanted to do more research into the annexation process," Ryan said.

"It was very educational for me.

I want to thank the indulgences of the property owners."

He said he learned that it would cost $50,000 a mile if new paving was needed and that was a rough estimate.

He also learned the property owners had purchased a cash bond that they used to pay for any costs that could arise now and he said he compared this to other annexations the city has performed.

'I had a good conversation with landowners about what could be happening out there," he said.

"There is limited space around Greenville for such subdivisions."

In another matter, the Council agreed to spend $14,238.29 on a new cardiac monitor-defibrillator for the Greenville Fire Department.

XXXX Chad Phillips spoke to the Council and told them that one of the department's existing units had torn up and when repairs were attempted they discovered that the company no longer makes the units.

Phillips pointed out that of the amount needed, $3,700 would go for a service and maintenance agreement.

He said currently, the department is using a back-up unit but the new one is needed.

He added the traditional life of these units is approximately 10 years.

Mayor McLendon said this was an unbudgeted item and the funds would come from the city's miscellaneous fund.

In other business, the Council approved Resolution 2005-28 that awarded the bid for new playground equipment for Sherling Lake to Southern Playgrounds for $20,570.

According to Park Director Phillip Herring, the new equipment will replace some older equipment and also the groundcover.

The Council also approved Resolution 2005-29 for the purchase of 300 new roll-out garbage containers from Otto Environmental in the amount of $13,179.

The containers hold 95 gallons of waste and cost $43.93 per cart.

Councilman Ryan asked about the purchase and the mayor explained that the carts do wear out and that there are also new customers who need containers.

The Council also approved the following expenditures:

N To pay McKinley Tire $1,901.56 for eight new tires, stems and mounting for the Street Department.

N To pay McKinley Tire $5,779.80 for two tires for the Sanitation Department's Scraper Tractor Loader.

N To pay ADAPCO $1,402.50 for a 55-gallon drum of malithion for mosquito control.

N To pay Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center $1,320 for quarterly terminal access.

N To pay Municipal Workers Compensation $8,328 for final post audit billing for 2004 Workers Compensation.

Mayor McLendon made an announcement that anyone who wished to address the Council could do so if they called to be placed on the agenda.

"If you ever have a complaint, just call me," he said.

"I have an open-door policy."

He said the Council's work is to be positive and they will continue to do so.

A planning commission meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 6 at 5 p.m. in Council chambers and the next City Council meeting will be held on Monday, June 13 at 5:30 p.m.

Also, the mayor announced that city offices will be closed on Monday, May 30, 2005 in observance for Memorial Day and that the scheduled garbage pickup for that day will now take place on Tuesday, May 31.