Cubs double up on Red Sox, 8-4

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 14, 2005

Seth Glass had two hits and scored to runs to lead the Cubs to an 8-4 victory over the Red Sox in Dixie Minors league play on Monday. The Cubs scored five runs in the first inning before settling for the win.

David Miller and Terrance Owens added a double each for the Cubs.

Luke Hamm and Ryan Taylor had a hit each for the Red Sox.

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Astros 12, White Sox 2

Daniel Hall Autrey and Wilson Lowe pounded out two hits and scored two runs each in the Astros' 10-run win.

Chase Whidden, J.T. Thomas and Davis Crocker had a double each for the Astros.

Mike Smith, Harper Vinson and Chris Clevenger each had a hit for the White Sox.

White Sox 7, Cubs 6

Harper Vinson had one hit, a RBI and scored two runs to lead the White Sox over the Cubs on Thursday.

Andy Burns also had a hit and scored a run for the White Sox.

Taylor Hartley

led the Cubs with an inside-the-park home run and two RBIs.

Orioles 4, Astros 3

Brian Kirby delivered the game-winning single to lift the Orioles over the Astros.

Demarcus Wilson had a hit, two RBIs and scored a run for the Orioles.

Cade Tillery also had a hit and scored a run for the Orioles.

Chip Taylor scored two runs for the Astros.

Dixie Boys

Indians 12, White Sox 2

Deven Cheatham had two doubles to lead the Indians past the White Sox. Jerrod Lee also tacked on a single in the victory.

Kendall Gibson and Luke Hutcheson

scored a run each to account for the White Sox offense.

Red Sox 13, A's 6

Allen Thompson led the Red Sox with three hits, including a double, and drove in five runs to lead the Red Sox over the A's.

Brantley McKeown also hit a solo home run in the second inning and drove in two more runs for the Red Sox. Dustin Till and Cordez Peagler also had a hit each.

David Black led the A's with two hits, including a double. The A's had three doubles on the night, including one from Stewart Moody and Hunter Harrell.


Gators 12, Pirates 5

Erin Taylor had one hit, and Sarah Roper had a double to lead the Gators over the Pirates.

Although the Gators didn't have many hits in their victory, they did draw 14 walks.

Murphy Middleton paced the Pirates with a two-run home run in the third inning,

Priscilla Collins also had two hits, and Brace Benson had a double.

Gators 14, Slammers 8

Katie Wilson had two hits and two RBIs to pace the Gators over the Slammers on Thursday.

Jessie Langford, Nina Gafford and Halley Halford each had a hit each for the Gators.

The Slammers' Anne Blake Donald and Telesa McDonald hit back to back home runs in the third inning to try to stay even with the Gators. McDonald led the Slammers with two hits.

Dixie Angels

Heat 12, Pirates 8

Daphne Moore increased her home run total on the year by hitting two more in the Heat's win over the Pirates. Moore finished the afternoon with three hits.

Taylor Merry also added three hits, including a home run in the third inning for the Heat.

Dana Moore, Takeria Walker, Leeanne Wingham and Shelby Mayes had two hits each.

Adrianna Callen had three hits, including a home run in the first inning to lead the Pirates.

Grace Carson also had three hits.

Gators 12, Panthers 4

Haley Williams, Caitlyn Brooks, Morgan Gibson, Lauren Gibson, Kasey Taylor, Whitney Boswell, China Powell, Lindsey Gibson and Madison Gibson scattered two hits each to lead the Gators over the Panthers.

Kristen Jordan led the Panthers with three hits.

Brittany Reaves also had two hits, including a home run in the fourth inning.

Kenyetta Peterson and Kristen Welch added two hits each.

Warriors 18, Gators 8

Grace Cason had one hit and scored three runs to spark the Warriors to a 10-run victory over the Gators on Thursday.

Adriana Callen added a hit and two runs scored, while Chloe Langston had two runs scored.

Caitlyn Brooks led the Gators with a hit and a run scored.

Lindsey Gibson, Madison Gibson and Savanah Mauch scored a run each.

Heat 11, Panthers 1

Dana Moore blasted a home run and had two RBIs to lead the Heat past the Panthers.

Taylor Merry had a hit and scored a run for the Heat.

Laccey Barr scored the Panthers' only run.

Mite League

Indians 9, Cardinals 0

Joseph Peavy and Ryan Burkett scattered three hits and scored three runs each in the Indians' shutout win.

Jessie Kelley and Ross Till each had a hit for the Cardinals.

Yankees 20, Dodgers 0

Austin Vickery, JaKeem Davidson and C.J. Savage each hit a home run in the Yankees' victory over the Dodgers. JaQuan Lewis, Vickery and Davidson had three hits each.

Lewis hit two home runs and had three RBIs.