Celebrating the special things given by Mom

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 7, 2005

Sunday, we celebrate the joy of motherhood and important role they play in our lives.

At the very beginning, your mom gave you life, but immediately realized that she could not live it for you.

She is good at giving direction on what is right and wrong, but mom cannot lead you to that decision.

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All mothers know that eventually, they have to give you the freedom to be who you are, to become your own person and while they teach you what is right or wrong, they give you the freedom to make your own call.

It is often said that when a woman becomes a mother, she gets a crash course in psychology, medicine, nursing, counseling, teaching and a whole array of other things.

Moms have to be that so that they can give you advice, while maintaining your free will.

They work to heal your broken body and they do it all with love and compassion.

It is from our mothers that we learn how to love others unconditionally.

We learn the importance of sharing with others and that a truly happy person is unselfish and gives of himself or herself.

Mothers can't make friends for you, but they always can be and will be your very best friend.

As for your professional life, your mother can teach about setting goals, but she leaves it to you to achieve them.

Mothers teach grace, dignity and compassion, all displayed openly in each tear she'll ever shed for you.

Mothers can teach you about the importance of God and family and she'll always have the porch light on for you.

These are the things that a mother will do for her children.

We wish all mothers, the very happiest of Mother's Day and hope it is filled with peace, love and joy.