It#039;s always something

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 29, 2005

It’s been a busy week in a busy month and things are likely to continue that way. Thursday night we had a very successful Chamber After Hours event here at the newspaper. We had a good turnout, the food was delicious and everyone seemed quite impressed with our newly renovated facilities.

I heard a few comments referring to the &uot;dark, dungeon-like&uot; atmosphere of the building in its pre-renovation days.

I can only concur there is a world of difference now – we have windows, for instance, quite a few of them, and these days we can actually tell the difference between day and night.

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Also, when it rains, we no longer have to yell at each other to be heard over the incessant drumming on the tin roof. It’s lighter, brighter and altogether a more pleasant place to visit or to work.

It’s great to have my own cubicle instead of being the wondering Bedouin lifestyles writer, having to pitch her figurative tent wherever she can find a spot to plug her laptop in. And I can always glance up and see my photo of Mama in her pink feather boa smiling as Elvis serenades her.

(Now I just have to do something about this &uot;sports guy&uot; mouse pad I inherited from Rick – s-o-o-o NOT the Hat Lady…)

And speaking of Lifestyles Land, I put on my black tuxedo-styled pants suit and glitzy earrings last Saturday and headed to the GHS Prom at my old alma mater.

There were some truly beautiful dresses to admire, almost like our own local Academy Awards red carpet event. The kids were well behaved and I truly hope they all took some happy memories of the evening home with them.

I suspect the same pantsuit, albeit with a different top and accessories, will appear again tonight as I make my way out to White Oak to the Greenville Area Arts Council’s Gala Benefit and Silent Auction.

It’ll be Monte Carlo Night, and I’m sure some attendees are hoping luck will be a lady for them out at White Oak (I hear there are terrific prizes to be won).

Just to remind everyone – tickets are still available at the door, so come on out tonight for an evening of good food, fun, games and music – and know it’s all for a good cause.

And speaking of good causes, please consider buying one of the blue ribbons being sold by the Safe Harbor Children’s Advocacy Center to help raise funds for their invaluable child services. It’s Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month, and $10 is a small price to pay to help a child in need.

Give Kathy Smyth a call at their office at 382-8584.

That’s all for now – have a great weekend!