Help us meet the church pastors

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The new segment I'm going to talk about today is not my idea. I like the idea, but I want to make it clear that I stole it from one our sister newspapers.

Sometimes in this business you have to track down a good idea and this is the case here.

As we go through out very busy weeks, we often find ourselves with large groups, but none are as important as the church.

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We go there every week to see friends, family and others from our communities. And yes, we also go for a spiritual helping of Grace, Hope and Salvation.

Now at these various churches you have men and women who often face some of the harshest truths of the world while maintaining not only their congregation's faith, but keeping their own.

These issues are some that many city and county leaders will never face.

They alone are the ones who counsel the bereaved, visit the sick,

they offer comfort in times of tragedy and they stand up for what's right versus what works.

For everything that they do that we know about and all that they do that we are unaware of, we here at The Greenville Advocate believe our readers should know more about their church leaders. But we need your help to accomplish this task and what we hope will be a long running segment titled "Meet my pastor."

Beginning next Saturday and each Saturday afterwards we'll highlight a different local pastor each week with a brief bio, picture and unique story of how he first entered the ministry and what he and his congregation (s) have experienced since.

We hope that we'll eventually be able to say that we have profiled every pastor in our coverage area and that is a large chunk of real estate.

Denomination has no bearing upon whether we will include a pastor; we want to include all pastors of all denominations as well as interdenominational churches.

Our goal is to familiarize the people of local communities with the pastors in their area, so that church members might learn something new about their pastor and those who don’t belong to a church might possibly see an opportunity to find a church home.

The series also recognizes the often thankless efforts of these pastors from whom many of us receive helpful advice and spiritual counseling throughout our lives. It gives them the opportunity to voice what their goals are for their individual churches.

If you would like to include your pastor or a pastor you know in the series, feel free to contact me here at the office at 382-3111 or e-mail me at and include some contact information. We would be happy to talk to your pastor about his or her unique story and the vision they have for the church.

In my unique position as editor of this newspaper I have come to know many of our local pastors personally.

They are often there with an uplifting word or comment and I know that in my own time of doubt or need, I can rely on them.

I hope you have a pastor you feel the same about and that you'll want to share him or her with the rest of our readers.

The easy part, bringing this idea to the table is over.

The hard part is seeing just how many of you will want to take part.

We anxiously await to hear from you.

Jay Thomas is managing editor of the Greenville Advocate and can be reached at 383-9302, ext. 136 or via email at