The perfect breed of dog to save the world

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 17, 2005

When my family decided to purchase a Blue Heeler as the next family pet two years ago we knew we were not getting an ordinary dog. Blue Heelers are well known for their intelligence and their ability to herd anything they take a notion to herd.

What we did not know was the level of entertainment we were purchasing with our new family member. In his short life Taz has survived a bitter rivalry with several family members including multiple blows to the head from my mother’s broom. He has sent possums, armadillos and rattlesnakes to their reward and never ceases to amaze us with his creativity.

Recently, be pulled his biggest trick ever. Many of you have been led to believe that Blue Heelers are made of fur, skin and bone like an ordinary dog. This isn’t true; they are made of pure steel. On one of his romps through the yard Taz slipped away and decided he could and would herd passing cars. A large red truck seemed to think differently. My dad expected to see the dog on his last breath when he heard the thump. Instead, Taz met and passed him in the yard yelping and running for his life. Ten minutes later he forgot all about being hit by the truck and went back to his food dish to polish off his morning dose of Ole Roy.

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A closer examination showed no fractures or internal bleeding. All this was after being hit squarely by a truck going at least 50 miles per hour.

Scientists claim that the cockroach is the most durable animal. They claim it can survive a nuclear blast. I believe the Blue Heeler could do the same if the research was ever done. I am 99 percent positive Taz would never look up from his food dish or stop, drop and roll if the big one ever hit Pennington.

For many reasons I have now decided that our indestructible canine is my hero. Don’t get me wrong, I am not following Taz into the darkness simply because he can take a blow to the head and keep on ticking. He has a lot of other admirable qualities.

First of all, he can entertain himself. Taz has found a way to play fetch even if there is no one around. He has a pitcher that he now places on his head and slings so that he can chase it and repeat the process over and over until he feels content.

He also has a way to get what he wants. My parents got new patio furniture and the chairs did not suit him. He now stares at the old chair he so enjoyed before and barks until I unfold it. Once he is in his chair he expects a belly rub and fast.

Taz’s best quality of all is that he knows how to relax and look out for number one. If he is not running he is napping and nothing will disturb him. He could care less if burglars ransacked my parent’s house as long as they stay away from his igloo and Ole Roy. In his mind the rest of the world could just…well, you know

For these reasons Taz and his entire breed have set a mark I hope to someday accomplish for myself. They are able to mix toughness with fun and use charm when needed to see that their demands are met. Hail to the Blue Heeler! Let him show us the way.

Rick Couch is a reporter for the Demopolis Times.

He can be reached at 334-289-4017 or via email at