Deck the Streets

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 3, 2004

The City of Luverne Electric Department has been working all week to hang the holiday decorations throughout town.

This year it’s taking a little longer to complete the project because there are more decor to hang.

Mayor Joe Rex Sport recently announced that the Electric Board decided to purchase $7,500 of additional Christmas decorations to hang throughout the city during the holidays.

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"A lot of businesses have expanded down south of town and we don't have anything down there indicating the Christmas spirit," he said. "We felt like this was something we really needed to enhance the city. Then by the same token, we expanded about five or six blocks past Hicks."

In years past, the city's Christmas decorations began at Hicks, Inc., and continued just past the Crenshaw County Courthouse, and went north to ALFA located just down from Sixth Street. With the additional decorations, the city will be able to begin at Douglas Pharmaceuticals and extend east to Turner's Funeral Home and go north to the Crenshaw County Community Hospital.