Shining Stars

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 20, 2004

Crenshaw Christian Academy's sixth and seventh grade students are one step closer to Broadway.

The group of young actors and actresses displayed their talents Tuesday night as they performed Annie Jr. before a packed house.

"I thought it went great," Director Jim Head said. "I was pleased with the crowd and the children did a great job. I was pleased with the way the sixth and seventh graders took to the task and it was something they enjoyed. It's just another experience they've had to help them appreciate the fine arts."

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CCA Administrator Angela Carpenter mirrored Head's sentiments.

"Our school is fortunate to have the ability to offer our children an artistic outlet in addition to our academic curriculum," she said.

The play consisted of three scenes and took just over a month and a half to prepare for. The star of the show, Sadie Jones, who played Annie not only displayed her talent for acting, but her beautiful singing ability. Other orphans included, Molly (Camden Stephens), Pepper (Danielle Culpepper), Duffy (Anna Carver), Kate (Paige Lester), Tessie (Susannah Sport) and July (Caitlin Mount). Courtney Wolfe played Miss Hannigan, who oversees the orphanage, and Dylan Carr played Oliver Warbucks.

Head, who teaches music and drama at CCA, believes the group of young stars all performed well and shone brightly. He was not only impressed with their acting abilities, but their vocal talents as well.

"I think they have an awful lot of potential," Head said. "This is just a step for them."

The play began in the orphanage followed by a scene in a New York street. The third scene was in Miss Hannigan's office where Annie was sent to Mr. Warbucks for the holidays. Following a scene in Mr. Warbucks' mansion another scene in New York City was performed. The cast returned to Miss Hannigan's office and later Mr. Warbucks' office. Scene eight was held at Radio Station and once again the audience was sent back to Miss Hannigan's office. The last two scenes took place at Mr. Warbucks' mansion.

"This is just a new thing they've come out with, Junior Broadway," Head explained. "So it's the first time we've done anything like this. We do a show every spring with all the children in the county. This was just something for CCA."

Head said he made the decision to perform Annie Jr. with the students in mind.

"It was something that struck a chord with me," Head said. "It's got some real pretty songs and I thought the children would enjoy it."

Other cast members included, Pete King, Laken Beck, Kelly Sasser, Jamie Heartsill, James Lester, Anna Carver, Carmen Tate, Karissa Seales, Marino Bolling, Chelsey Owens, Blake Holley, Zach Campbell, Hunner Moody, Michael D'Arville, Justin Thrash, Mac Blake, Tate Welch and Zach Floyd.