Season of giving an important time

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 20, 2004

The holidays are here once more and while many believe they have a comfortable life, there are those who are struggling to get by.

So in this holiday season, we offer the advice to get involved and help your fellow Butler Countians in any way you can.

We have had our ups and downs this year, with the most recent down being that Hurricane Ivan knocked us off our feet.

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However, we stood back up, brushed ourselves off and got back into the game.

Those dark clouds didn't hover long and we can always say that we found our silver lining.

However, there are those who still have not gotten back on track and that is where volunteering comes in.

There is no greater need for help as there is right now, but you have to take the opportunity to do something about the need, and that is what's important today.

So during this holiday season, we encourage you all to participate in some form of charity. It may be as simple as writing a check to a charity or extending an invitation to a neighbor over to share your Thanksgiving dinner; or for Christmas, adopt one of those angels and sponsor that child.

All it takes is a little creative imagination and the opportunities to help others are endless.

The people of Butler County have shown they can step up and help others when needed, but this year, with so many still recovering from a horrendous fall, the help might not be there.

So do remember others this week of Thanksgiving and all throughout the holiday season.