The worst mascots around

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I have composed a list of the worst mascots I have ever seen.

No. 1 The Tenacious Tiger from Minor High

The first mascot dates back to my days in high school.

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We played host to Minor High School out of Birmingham in one of the playoff games. They were the Tenacious Tigers but their mascot looked more like a timid kitten. It was horrible.

Honestly, who has ever seen a purple Tiger?

No. 2, Alex the Wildcat from Benjamin Russell High School.

As much as I hate to admit, I've got to throw my old Mascot on the list.

This guy used to look like the Wildcat from the University of Kentucky.

But after a much unneeded redesign, he made his debut one Friday and was greeted to a less than lukewarm reception. The thing looked like a frightened squirrel more than a cat.

No. 3. Cy the Cyclone from Iowa State University

Iowa State had one of the best quarterbacks the year I had the opportunity to visit Ames.

Unfortunately, they had an eye-sore for a mascot roaming the sidelines. Iowa Sate is the Cyclones but their mascot is a cardinal with what looks like a bad case of stress. It looks like his feathers are falling out.

No. 4 The Bulldog from James Madison University

In my second year at Troy State, the Trojans made it to the second round of the D I-AA playoffs.

They played host to James Madison University from Virginia. It never really hit me how underfunded some of these athletic programs were until I saw this thing. It looked like the creature had the mange, or either had been stored next to a running weed-eater.

And finally, the No. 5 worst mascot:

The New T-Roy from Troy University

Maybe I am old fashioned, or reluctant to change. But on Saturday I was at homecoming and this thing came walking by.

It looked like a shrimp with armor on. They got the idea from Michigan State's Sparty, they just hired some art students to design it and it shows.

Just check out the photo.

It's that simple.