George Bush is back for one more term

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The election is over and our position is simply, Pres. Bush must work to unite a nation divided by a heated and prolonged campaign.

This election was not issue based, but rather about George W. Bush.

Did the American electorate want four more years of Bush's leadership in the war on terror, Iraq and on the economy.

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Do you know how remarkable it was on Nov. 2 to see so many turn out at the polls, and like it or not, the majority wanted Bush back for a second term?

Also, he must strive to unite a nation divided by a heated presidential campaign, the war and hot-button social issues.

Some will always say that 9/11 is Pres. Bush's legacy.

We believe he has the unique position of bringing our nation back together once again.

And make no mistake about it, our nation is divided.

It is probably as closely divided today as it was in Civil War. And like his predecessors in history, he must work to bring us all back into the fold.

He's made history with his re-election and now he needs his legacy fulfilled.

As Pres. Jimmy Carter said once in an interview, a president always has the idea far in the back of his mind that there is always room for one more face on Mount Rushmore. So it is clear that Bush is no fluke president.

He is on the threshold of being one of our nation's most notable and legendary leaders.