Don#039;t forget Veteran#039;s Day is intended for our heroes

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Please remember all the veterans who have fought for our freedom and have fought for all humanity.

These people are true heroes.

Through my job as a social worker, I have met many veterans, many who are from World War II. The horrors that they had to endure are beyond comprehension.

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They have watched best friends die in their arms. They themselves have been shot, stabbed or blown up. They have starved, been frozen and isolated from their families for years.

Many have been inside those concentration camps that we only see a glimpse of on television. According to them, they are much worse than we have ever been allowed to see.

Some still have not spoken of those horrid days since they have returned. Others continue to have nightmares even though it was so long ago.

Most of us cannot begin to understand the amount of suffering that these American icons have endured. They were strength in adversity and light when there was only darkness. The images we have seen on television are not even close to the terror I have heard first hand from these wonderful and brave people who had no choice but to fight.

We must pray for our own generation of men and women who are defending our country at the present time. They are fighting for causes we may not always understand, but know they are doing it with all their hearts. They sacrifice their own lives daily so that others may live not only longer, but also with freedom and liberty.

We often take these for granted.

So on today, Veteran's Day, take a moment to pray for the fallen soldiers, as well as the present heroes. They are the beacons on our shores, shining for our safety.




Wesley (BoBo) and Kim Boyd welcomed a beautiful baby girl on Nov. 6.

The couple named their daughter Isabella Blythe. She weighed 5 pounds, 14 ounces. She was born at Baptist South Medical Center in Montgomery.

Isabella was welcomed home by her big sister, Cortlyn, who is in third grade.

Her proud grandparents are Ronnie and Mickey Boyd of Highland Home, Kitty and Jerry Rawlinson, also of Highland, and Charles and Faye Faulk of Honoraville. She will surely be pampered by her many aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Welcome home little one.




Who's going to win next Saturday?

That is what the Highland Home School wants you to tell them.

Starting Nov. 15, students at HHHS will be placing their votes for either the Alabama Crimson Tide or the Auburn Tigers. Each child will be asked to support their team by buying paper footballs in red (Alabama) or blue (Auburn). The footballs will be 25 cents each. All purchased balls will be placed on the lunchroom wall.

On Nov.18, the community is asked to come out in order to show their support for their favorite team. These footballs maybe purchased by anyone from 3 p.m. until 6 p.m. on this day only. A table will be set up at the office entry at the school. The "winning" football team will be announced Friday afternoon at a pep rally. Keeping with the football theme that week, nachos will be sold at recess for the children on Thursday and Friday.

All proceeds will be going to the Highland Home PTA for school improvements.

For more information call Debbie Duke at 537-9499, Denise Scoggins at 537-4277 or Danielle Weeks at 382-3881.

Please come out and champion your team and your school!




Congratulations to Ms. Jade Stovall and Ms. Cortlyn Boyd of Honoraville, third grade students at Highland Home School.

Cortlyn and Jade are members of Greenville Gymnastics and traveled to Birmingham on Nov. 6 to compete in the state finals. Both have been in gymnastics for two years and have won many medals in the past.

On this trip, five medals were won by each of the girls.

Jade is the daughter of John and Teresa Stovall. Cortlyn's parents are Wesley and Kim Boyd.

Both girls have worked very hard to compete in regular competitions.

We are proud of you. Keep up the good work.




The Highland Home School Fall Festival was a big success last Saturday night.

Everyone had a good time at the family-oriented event.

Ms. Debbie Duke worked very hard organizing the many aspects of the event. With the help of many parents and staff, the children had a wonderful time.

There was a tremendous amount of donations for the country store as well as for all the other activities. Small ones enjoyed the pumpkin pickup as well as the fishpond.

The Highland Home Volunteer Fire and Rescue provided a thrill for all ages by furnishing rides atop the fire truck. They worked very hard and tufted out the cool conditions to provide enjoyment for everyone.

The coaches were the most popular people of the night, not to mention the unluckiest. They were rewarded with several pies in their face, which brought lots of giggles by all. For the more sedentary crowd, Ms. Hoffman provided bingo in the lunchroom.

The most popular event for the teenagers was the haunted hallway, where screams could be heard from outside.

Many parents, along with the help of Ms. Daniel and the home economics department, made cakes for the sweet shop and cakewalk.

Overall, it was a great deal of fun for everyone. It was a wonderful event that unites all aspects of our community to promote family and good clean fun.




Have a great week!




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