Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 17, 2004

"How you feelin'?" that's the question that was being asked by the Tiger-Termites coaching staff as it was printed on their T-Shirts for the second round and Superbowl last weekend.

At the end of Saturday's championship game, "Ahite" was the approriate answer.

At the conclusion of the first round held two weeks ago, four teams in each division were left vying for a slot in the Superbowl. Greenville had two teams in the semi-finals. They were the Mighty Mites and the Termites.

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Both teams advanced through the semi's and into the finals.

The Mighty Mites bid for the Bi-County Championship fell short. The Tigers were beaten by the upset-minded Evergreen Jaguars, 8-6.

The Termites, however, had a different outcome and went on to win their first championship.

The older Tigers knocked off the Georgiana Panthers 16-6 to win the game and the trophy.

"It was a very defensive game," said Coach Michael Cook. "We came up with a fumble and an interception and was able to move the ball."

Demontray Warren came up with the fumble and Fernandez Grey came up with the fumble.

Each turnover was responsible for ending a Panther drive.

Offensively, Brian Smith was responsible for scoring touchdowns, as he accounted for all three.

But, the kids aren't only getting a trophy.

"I promised the kids that if they won they would get a stretch hummer to ride in the Christmas parade," said Amanda Phillips, executive director of the Greenville YMCA. "Now, I have to find one that's yellow and trimmed in black."

Before the Tigers could advance to the championship, The Tigers had to get by a band of Aggies.

The Tigers posted a 26-14 victory in the semi-final game.

Greenville rallied to a 20-8 lead going into the third quarter. With a score that much, the Tiger defense saw most of the action.

But when the offense took the field it meant an increase in the score. Kenterian Riley took a handoff from quarterback Grey and carried it around left end 65 yards for the touchdown. Unfortunately, Grey was called for unsportsmanlike conduct at the end of the run and that moved the two-point conversion attempt back to the 18-yard line. They were stuffed on the attempt.

The Aggies tacked on a late score to bring the tally to it's final of 26-14.

The win in the semi's set the Tigers up in a rematch against Georgiana. The Tigers lost to the Panthers earlier in the season.

For the Mighty Mites, their road to the Superbowl came with a victory over the Evergreen Aggies also. Their opponent in the championship, however, wasn't who they were expecting.

"We thought we'd be playing Red Level," said Mack Lee, coach of the Tigers. "They beat us in the regular season and then we were co-champions with them. So we figured they would be in there with us."

But, the Superbowl set up a rematch from the first game of the season. Greenville knocked off the Jaguars 8-6 in the game.

In the Superbowl, the Jaguars were looking for an upset.

Evergreen jumps on the board in the first quarter, capping a drive with a score that broke two tackles, one behind the line of scrimmage and the other at the goal line. The Jags converted on the two-points and carried an 8-0 lead for most of the game.

"We tried to get fired up, but just didn't" said Elliott Lewis, coach of the Tigers. "They scored and that blew our momentum. We've had trouble playing from behind all season. We become very one dimensional when playing from behind."

But, despite the loss, the Tigers still have reason to celebrate, as they were the runners-up for the tournament.

Despite the season coming to an end, all coaches are excited about the possibilities of next year. The Pee-Wee team will get 19 new kids and the Termites will inherit 16.

The Players will be recognized Wednesday night at the YMCA banquet held at the New YMCA. Also, Milton Crittendon, coach of the Tiger Termites is nominated for the YMCA Man of the Year.