Cloverdale Road to get new street light

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 9, 2004

The Greenville City Council held a short meeting Monday mostly revolving around the Mac Crenshaw Airport. There have been a series of projects going on with the airport and most have now been completed.

The council approved the following motions in association to the airport:

n Resolution 2004-97 to approve change order number five for the Airport Runway Extension Project and accept the project as final and complete.

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n Resolution 2004-98 to approve change order number two for the Airport Apron Improvement Phase of the project and accept it as final and complete.

n Resolution 2004-99 to approve change order number four for the Airport Partial Parallel Taxiway Project and accept it as final and complete.

The council also approved a new streetlight for Cloverdale Road at the entrance of the Cloverdale subdivision. McLendon said the issue had been discussed and it was determined the new streetlight was necessary.

&uot;Just to let everybody know, anytime you have a request for a streetlight in an area the chief looks it over,&uot; McLendon said.

The council had one expenditure. Payment of $1,402.50 for a 55-gallon drum of Malathion for the Public Works Department for its mosquito spraying operation. McLendon said the city is not currently spraying for mosquitoes they are simply paying for spray they have already purchased.

&uot;We have two new commissioners coming on board just like we have two new council members,&uot; McLendon said. &uot;We look forward to working with them.&uot;

&uot;Thursday will be Veterans Day for city employees,&uot; McLendon said. &uot;We just wanted to remind everyone of that and encourage them to observe the holiday.&uot;