Everett, Shelby reelected

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 3, 2004

President George W. Bush defeated Democratic Senator John Kerry in Butler County on Tuesday, giving Republicans another win in their streak that began with Ronald Reagan.

On a day that over 58 percent of all registered voters turned out at the polls, Bush carried the county with 4,978 votes or roughly 59.18 percent to Kerry’s 3,409 votes or what equaled 40.53 percent. Independent Ralph Nader was a very distant third with 13 total votes.

In the race for the U.S. Senate, Republican Richard Shelby won Alabama and also Butler County.

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Shelby took 5,220 votes to Democratic challenger Wayne Sowell’s 2,969.

Rep. Terry Everett’s handily won Butler County with 5,146 votes to Charles James’ 3,024.

Late Tuesday, Everett thanked his supporters for their support in putting him in office for a seventh term.

&uot;I am honored that the people of Southeast Alabama have placed their faith in me, as they have for the last 12 years, to serve them in Washington,&uot; Everett said. &uot;This election year will go down as one of most significant in our nation’s history as America’s ability to protect and defend our people from foreign threats is at stake.

I want to personally thank everyone in the Second Congressional District who voted for me.

I am humbled and strengthened by your trust.

I will continue my record of strong support for our military and seeking every opportunity for local job creation.

Everett said the work ahead is not going to be easy.

&uot;The future will be challenging for the country as we fight the war on terror and work to sustain economic growth,&uot; he said.

&uot;We need experience and leadership in Washington and I am proud to keep my seniority on the House Armed Services, Intelligence, Agriculture, and Veterans’ Affairs committees working for Alabama.&uot;

In other races, Butler County voters reacted in the following:

Alabama Supreme Court, Place No. 1, Tom Parker defeated Robert H. Smith 4,191 to 3,674.

Alabama Supreme Court, Place No. 2, Patti Smith defeated Roger M Monroe with 4,685 votes to 3,346 votes.

Alabama Supreme Court, Place No. 3, Michael F. Bolin defeated John Rochester 4,307 votes to 3,549 votes.

Court of Civil Appeals, Sharon G. Yates defeated Tommy Bryan 4,176 votes to 3,687 votes.

In the state race for the State BOE District 5, Ella Bell narrowly scraped by Joe Knowles with 3,867 votes to 3,806 votes.

In the race on Amendment One that dealt with Baldwin County’s industrial development, 2,808 voters said yes in Butler County while 1,865 said no.

Voters said yes on Amendment Two with 3,009 votes to 2,749 votes that said no.

Amendment Three passed in Butler County with 3,386 votes to 2,086 votes on no.

Amendment Four dealt with Shrimp and Seafood and this county proved it liked its seafood with 3,792 yes votes to 1,563 no votes.

Amendment Five dealt with growth in the town of Trussville and local voters dismissed that with 2,594 no votes to 1,972 yes votes.

In the hotly contested Amendment Six race that dealt with the $103,000 salary of the Crenshaw County Probate Judge, 2,274 votes yes, while 2,388 voted no.

Amendment Seven dealt with Macon County Sin Taxes and 2,259 Butler County voters said no, while 2,105 said yes.

Amendment Eight dealt with Vehicle Ad Valorem and local voters said no with 3,616 votes to the yes votes of 1,630.

Keep in mind; all results are unofficial until certified.