Halloween demands common sense

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 28, 2004

Halloween is a time for everyone to let his or her creative side shine through. Unfortunately, sometimes, they can get a little creative. Each year there are scores and scores of people that take this holiday a little too far and end up with battle scars.

The first sign that a person has taken their Halloween celebration too far is when they slap a costume on their pets. I don't care how funny you think it is, your male English bulldog has no desire to be a pretty, pretty princess. The same applies for your cat. There is not a tabby out there that has ever felt the need to dress up as a pirate or witch. Your dog is perfectly content to be a dog and you cat a cat. Leave your critters alone!

Each Halloween the emergency rooms fill up with people who have attempted stunts they are not capable of pulling off. Remember, just because you are in a superhero suit doesn't mean you are a superhero. The Incredible Hulk could bust through wallsŠyou can't. Also, no matter how much speed you get running across that roof in your Superman outfit the results are going to be the same. Instead of a pleasurable flight you are going to wake up in the hospital.

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On that same note, please remember you do not have to play the role of whoever's costume you are wearing. You are not a vampire. You are Roy from accounting. Get over yourself. There is nothing more annoying than someone who takes their Halloween costume so seriously they will not respond when called by their actual name. It's a holiday for fun, not a new personality.

The same rules apply for Halloween pranks. Take one too far and you will get a free room for the night courtesy of the city or county authorities.

Yard rolling can be a lot of fun provided it is done in good fun. If you plan to roll someone's yard always make sure they can take it with a grain of salt. This is not a time to get revenge.

This area again rotates back to the pets. When rolling a yard and using a little shaving cream to leave a "Happy Halloween" greeting do not write on the pets. Fido never did anything to you so please don't cover him in shaving cream. A well-rolled yard can be a work of art. Just make sure your victims can appreciate them.

Possibly the most important Halloween advice people need to carry with them is this. Use your common sense. Know your limitations and use your head. If you keep your common sense about you Halloween can be a festive and fun time. Just remember how embarrassing it would be to sit in the emergency room as a grown woman or man in a Cinderella or Batman costume. I saw this happen first hand last year and believe me; the emergency room personnel do not find it amusing at all!

So to all you Evil Knievel's, Spidermen, Catwomen and cowgirls out there, please take my advice and leave the stunts to the professionals. Don't fall victim to a Halloween "Hey man, watch this." Be careful and have fun.

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