Every team deserves fan support

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I've been in this town working on my second month. So far, I have learned many things about this place.

Like where to go for good Bar-B-Que, good fried chicken and fresh cut steaks.

Those are all huge selling points.

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Another huge selling point for me is the way the town supports its athletic teams.

Fort Dale has their stadium packed out every Friday night that the Eagles are at home.

And despite Greenville High's dismal record this season, they still have people there coming out to support the hometown Tigers when they are in town.

Georgiana and McKenzie are the same way.

The thing that I have found disappointing though, is that not all of the sports offered during the fall is supported equally.

Now I've learned that after football season ends, basketball picks up.

Apparently basketball is a big deal at the private school you can tell by all the banners hanging from the ceiling of the gym.

But, before the first ball is ever thrown up for the tip off there is another team that uses that gym for two months.

Fort Dale has a volleyball team too.

I make this point because they have one game left this season. And apparently many people in the community don't know that they have a team.

In nearly all the home matches that I've had the opportunity to attend, the road fans have outnumbered the home fans.

Thursday night there were six people there for the match.

Six people inside the gym and none of them were cheering. Well, the Volunteer fans were cheering.

If I was a newcomer and walked in, I would have thought that Fort Dale was the visiting team.

Monroe, like nearly every other team that the Lady Eagles have played this season, has traveled really well and brings with them a large group of parents, siblings and friends to watch the match.

But when you are the home team and this happens, it starts to get into your head and mess with your skills on the field of competition.


only six people in the stands.

That's not even acceptable for a ping-pong tournament.

If you go to any other volleyball match in the state, the programs are supported and they have fans that show up.

But, not at Fort Dale.

I mean, what would it hurt to hang around for an extra hour to show these kids the support they deserve.

I am proposing a change.

Let the Eagle fans show their pride and go out and support this team.

The LAdy Eagles have one home appearance left. It's a tri-match with Lee-Scott and Mobile Christian.

The match begins at 3:30 with the presentation and senior stuff starting at 3:05.

I understand that it will be tough for parents to get to the game. But, there is no excuse for the classmates to not show up.

The girls and their coach have worked and worked to be competitive.

I am encouraging each person to go out Tuesday and support the Lady Eagles. At least give the senior members of the squad one last memory. A gym packed out with fans decked in blue and red supporting the volleyball team.

If you don't like volleyball, look at it like this, it can be a tune-up for basketball season. Either way, just be there and show your support.

It's that simple.

Griffin Pritchard is the sports editor of the Greenville Advocate. He can be reached at 382-3111 ext 122 or via e-mail: griffin.pritchard@greenvilleadvocate.com