What a football weekend

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 14, 2004

This is a weekend of great match-ups if you are a football fan.

All you have to do is look at the schedule of the only conference that matters.

What conference is that you may ask?

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Well, if you are from the south then you already know the answer.

But, for the benefit of my foreign readers, those not from the south, I am talking about the SEC.

Lets start out with a rundown of the schedule.

South Carolina travels to Bryant-Denney for a rematch with the Crimson Tide.

And probably the most important game of the day, my Vols play host to the Auburn Tigers.

Oh yeah, and Mississippi State goes to Vanderbilt.

Honestly, how many people are going to watch this game?

Sorry if I offend anyone, but I refuse to pull for or claim a school as an SEC school if they get by Maine.


I didn't even know they had colleges up there. I just thought they had trees and well, Black Bears. It's official, Miss State has replaced Vandy as the SEC whipping boy.

And the Commodore-Nation, all five of them breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Anyway, enough of the tangent, and back to the matter at hand.

Today's games are definitely going to play a big role in shaping the bowl picture at the end of the season.

There are three teams from the top 10 in the SEC and they all play tomorrow. I get chill bumps thinking about how truly awesome that is.

Let's take a look at the game that really matters first. There should be no guessing what game I am referring to: Auburn at Tennessee.

Not this game is going to be a good game to watch.

The Vols come out playing with something to prove. They have a frosh at the helm of a very conservative ground and pound offensive attack.

Right now, the Volunteer offense has the most efficient stable of horses in the SEC. They lead the conference in rushing, averaging 263.3 yards a game.

The Tigers are currently second in the league thanks to Carnell Williams and Ronnie Brown.

Auburn averages 248.5 yards a game.

But lets look at whom Auburn has played Miss State and the Citadel.

I know, I know Tennessee just came off a game with La. Tech.

My prediction is that "Rocky Top" will be sang with enthusiasm as my Vols walk away the winners and the Tigers have

to take the return flight back to the Planes.

The only positive about that: both teams should be incredibly healthy coming into

tonight's game.

They both played creampuffs last week.

Speaking of creampuffs, the Tide takes on South Carolina.

I shouldn't call the entire Crimson Tide roster creampuffs.

That's wrong and I apologize.

What I meant to say was that their defense is as tough as a fresh baked Twinkie with the cream filling still fresh.

This week, they have the opportunity to show that they can bow their necks when the need bee. They are playing Lou Holtz's Gamecock's.

The Troy Trojans held SC to only 17 points and then on top of that held their running game to only 2.8 yards a carry on 48 carries.

SC is trying to prove that they are a bowl caliber squad. What better way to do that then to beat a downtrodden Crimson Tide.

But, Lou a word of warning.

You might want to watch out if your Gamecocks do win. I'm not going to name any names, but a certain lawyer will be at the game and he does like flaunting his legal briefs. If your squad beats down the Tide too bad, he might file suit for the illegal use of black helmets in a football game.

What? Did you think I was going to talk about Alabama football and not mention the guy who's trying to sue the orange off my Vols?

Give me a break.

(Focus Grif-back to the games. Remember, inhale the good air. Exhale the bad air.)

OK, SC wins this one big time. Mainly because they are playing on pride, they got pushed to the limit last week. Plus Alabama is probably as overrated as Southern Cal is.

Never going to happen.

Oh yeah, if you're not into football, first of all something's wrong with you.

Secondly there's some kind of big race going on Sunday.

It's that simple.

Griffin Pritchard is the sports editor for the Greenville Advocate.