Squadron Homecoming was exciting

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 14, 2004

Homecoming was celebrated last week at Highland Home School.

The theme for this year's activities was " We Are the Champions".

Throughout the week, parents and teachers worked on displays to be exhibited in front of the school. Thursday night, a spirit bonfire was held on the baseball field.

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On Friday, a reception was held for the Class of 1995, which were the guests of honor at the homecoming assembly and pep rally.

Also on Friday, camp stew and barbecue plates were sold from the school cafeteria. At 6:30 p.m. that evening, the Squadron Pride Band performed a pre-game show, before the Squadron took on the Marbury Bulldogs.

During half time, Ms. Faith Thomas was crowned Homecoming Queen 2004 and her court was presented.

Immediately after the ballgame a dance was held for alumni, students and parents.

It was a fun night for all!




The Cub Scouts of Highland Home visited the Highland Home Fire Station on Tuesday.

Mr. Richard Jordan and Mr. Jim Kull educated the children on safety equipment and the many tools used during fire emergencies. The children were also allowed to sit in the fire truck and to see how the hoses and fire hydrants worked. Jordan and Kull were very patient with the children and took time out of their busy schedules just to spend this time with them.

The Scout Leader and parents thank them very much. The children had a great time!




The Squadron Pride Band is selling cookie dough in order to raise money for new band room equipment.

The cost of the cookie dough is $10 per tub, which can be frozen.

The deadline for this item is Oct. 13.

The band is also selling stadium cushions for $10.

If you would like to purchase any of these items or would like to make a donation please call Mr. Turner at HHHS at 537-4379 or see a band member.

They would also like to announce that the Ms Gayle Woodard was the $50raffle winner. Congratulations!




The Highland Home Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department is encouraging all people who live in the northern part of Highland Home to purchase a blue reflective sign that is placed on your mailbox or near your driveway. These signs can be seen at night and marks addresses clearly.

Due to the recent growth of our area, it has become increasingly difficult to find homes when an emergency occurs. This has been especially true in the Magnolia Shores area. These signs can be purchased for $15 from any member of HHVFR. You can contact them at 537-4746 with any questions or an order.

This is not a fundraiser, but simply a safety issue the department hopes to address.




I would like to share something with you this week.

Each week, our hospice team meets to discuss our patients and what is going on with their daily care. These meeting last several hours. Because of the nature of our work, spirituality is a very important aspect of our everyday existence there.

We have three chaplains that work with us daily to provide emotional and spiritual support to all of our patients and to the staff.

Before these meetings, we also have a special spiritual reading that motivates and uplifts us. During one of these meetings, Paul Greger spoke to us about What Would Jesus Do. Greger said, "What would Jesus do?"

is a commonly heard question.

All of us have seen bracelets, ties, signs, etc. with WWJD on them.

It is an interesting question, with a very clear answer that is very appropriate in our daily lives.

We actually know WWJD. "What did Jesus do?"

We know that HE came into the world, and was crucified, buried and has risen from the dead. Philippians, chapter two, makes it very clear that Jesus did this to provide salvation to anyone who would believe and that He did it with great humility, considering the world to be worth his sacrifice.

He sets a wonderful example for us.

How would it be if everyone in the world and especially everyone who knows about Jesus considered everyone else to be better than themselves and put the needs of those lives before their own?

How many marriages would improve?

How many parent/child relationships?

How many work relationships?

Look around you and lift those people up by considering their needs and what you can do to meet them. Celebrate life as doing as Jesus did (DAJD)!"

I asked Paul to let me share this you and he graciously did so. Something I saw this week made me think of this. I was shocked by a couple of incidents I myself saw occur.

I was in the United Fuel and Food in Highland. The store has been informed that they MUST receive payment for gas before the pump is turned on. Employees there have been warned that this rule must be enforced due to the amount of drive-offs company wide. But as I stood there, I saw two different incidents were the store clerk was cursed and made inappropriate gestures at and then the customer drove off without getting gas.

In my naive state of the world, I really didn't think people could act so poorly over something so simple.

Life is too short!




I would like to ask that if you know someone who has been an asset to our community or has just been kind to others please contact me.

I would like to recognize these people for their contributions. Email me pen122@mon-cre.net.

See ya around town!