Register now because your voice does matter in our election process

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 14, 2004

The presidential election is less than a month from now, and those people who are not registered to vote should not wait any longer if they want their voice heard on Nov. 2.

While the national election has most people’s attention, the local elections could prove to be more important for this area.

In the next four years, many things can happen and the leaders we choose in November will have a hand in making decisions which could make the area better or worse.

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The races should not be based on popularity. The issues are what’s important. The welfare of the county should be at the top of every candidate’s list and should be the top concern for the voters as well.

The only way to make an impact if you are not running for office is to cast your vote. It is a gift given to us by the founding fathers of this nation and should not be taken for granted. Register now, so your voice matters in November.