YMCA prepares to take over new building

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 6, 2004

The Greenville YMCA is getting closer to making the move to the old Greenville Academy building every day. On any given afternoon workers can be seen from cleaning, painting and moving out the old equipment and moving in the new.

Since the announcement of the move the YMCA and its community helpers have worked diligently to see that things are ready by the target date.

YMCA Executive Director Amanda Phillips said she hoped to make the move before the end of the year.

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&uot;We are hopefully looking at Monday Dec. 6,&uot; said Phillips. &uot;Realistically we have to be in there by the end of December because that is when we have to be out of our current location. We really hope to be in there by Dec. 6 though. That is the week after Thanksgiving and that would be a great time to be in there.&uot;

The move to the new location involves more than one big individual move. There are several rooms in the new building that must be cleaned out, painted and prepared for the children. Phillips said many people have pledged their support and already begun to work on their respective rooms.

&uot;The rooms are really coming together,&uot; said Phillips. &uot;We are looking at cleaning them out and getting them ready. As a matter of fact, two of the room sponsors were already here Tuesday morning.&uot;

Once the rooms are actually ready for the groups to move in Phillips said things would come together very quickly. At that point it will be a combined effort of many people.

&uot;Once we get the different groups in there it will be easy,&uot; said Phillips. &uot;The work will go much faster because we will have a lot of different people working.&uot;

Right now, most of the noticeable work and changes have come to the outside of the building. A new coat of paint on the roof is the most eye-catching change. Phillips said when the roof is complete work will continue on the rest of the outer portion. Phillips also said work in planned on the inside for this weekend.

&uot;This weekend we hope to get one side of the walkways painted,&uot; said Phillips. &uot;We are also working hard on the outside. They should be done with the roof and started on the outside by Wednesday.&uot;

While the inside of the new building is not quite ready for use, the facilities outside have already been put to work. Last weekend the YMCA hosted their first football game at their own stadium. They have also used the other grounds for their youth soccer program.

&uot;We have already had soccer practice out there,&uot; said Phillips. &uot;We also had football last Saturday and will play there again this Saturday against the McKenzie teams. We are really excited about the way things are coming together.&uot;

So far the YMCA has gotten very positive feedback and help from the community. Phillips said everything had gone very smoothly so far.

&uot;We have just been extremely happy with the way things are coming along,&uot; said Phillips. &uot;Everyone has been great.&uot;