S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night….and day

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Well, allergy season has certainly arrived. Spouse gives me those &uot;here we go again&uot; looks as I sniffle, cough and try not to sound like a foghorn.

Another way I can tell autumn is upon us: things are getting busy around here.

I started last Saturday down at the old Henderson pecan warehouse where dozens had gathered to bag bargains at the Main Street Auction. Volunteers scurried back and forth bringing items to the front or hauling them out after purchase.

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It was one hot, sticky and airless morning, so kudos to all the good folks who hung in there for the duration to raise funds for a very worthy cause, the Main Street Fa?ade Project.

After leaving the auction, I headed to Beeland Park and the annual Reigel-Boss Reunion. I blissfully welcomed the air conditioning, and the former employees of the old &uot;glove factory&uot; and their families warmly welcomed me.

I enjoyed the delicious potluck meal and heard some heartwarming stories of hardworking folks’ days working side by side at what was once one of the area’s biggest employers.

I headed home to recharge my batteries both literally and figuratively, resting a bit before a shower and a (much-needed) sprucing up.

Soon it was time to head back to the big city for a special night at the high school auditorium – the annual Junior Miss program.

I am a fan of America’s Junior Miss because it does require a lot more than a pretty face. Make no mistake, all the participants were attractive – but there was also plenty of talent, poise and intelligence on display, not to mention strength, agility and grace under pressure.

If I could give out a &uot;The Little Engine that Could&uot; Award, it would have to go to Madison Norrell, Talent Award winner and Second Alternate to the new Junior Miss.

Madison became ill and had to exit the stage during the first part of the evening’s grueling fitness routine. (In fact, she had not been feeling well all day, her dad told me.)

But you know, you can’t keep a good woman down. The FDA senior was able to return and successfully complete the tough routine. &uot;I’m going back out there,&uot; Madison said – and she did. You go, girl!

I truly believe all those girls are winners, whether or not they took home any scholarship monies or awards or medallions. They had the guts to get up there and do it.

I wish them all a fabulous senior year and send best wishes to Miss Salley Burkett as she prepares for the state finals in December.

One more thing – I, for one, LOVED the disco theme. Think I’ll wheeze off and find my boogie shoes now…

Angie Long is a Lifestyles writer and columnist for The Greenville Advocate. She may be contacted at home by phone at 382-5145.