Paws of justice act swiftly on dog killer

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Recently, things have not exactly gone smoothly for everyone in Alabama and Florida. Weather conditions have left many wondering why bad things have to happen to them. In fact, sometimes it seems like bad things only happen to good people. This is not the case.

Have you ever heard the term &uot;what goes around comes around?&uot; Well, it’s not just a saying it’s a fact. I have found some proof that bad things also happen to bad people. This story is just a little nugget of joy to remind everyone that there is some justice in the world.

Jerry Allen Bradford, of Pensacola, found himself with a problem a couple of weeks ago. He had been not so blessed with seven little German Shepherd-mix puppies and didn’t quite feel up to the task of caring for them.

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Apparently, he didn’t quite feel like having anyone else take care of them either. He claims he tried and tried to find them a home and couldn’t. Rather than take the dogs to the pound or advertise a free puppy giveaway he decided it would be easier to just shoot them in the head and be done with them. What Bradford didn’t know was that the puppies didn’t plan to go down without a fight.

He was preparing to do away with his furry pals, who would never get a chance to become mans best friend, when the paw of justice came through. One of the puppies in his arms wiggled catching the trigger of Bradford’s .38 pistol with his leg.

Bradford was struck in the wrist by a bullet ending his little puppy party.

Of course Bradford was forced to go the hospital where the Escambia County Sheriff’s Department got the lowdown on his original intentions. Now, not only is he nursing a gunshot wound, he is also set to face a felony charge of animal cruelty for which he will likely see time behind bars. I can’t really imagine him getting a lot of respect when he answers the old &uot;what are you in for?&uot; question. Attempting to shoot puppies in the head probably ranks right up there with tearing the tag off a mattress. I’m pretty sure his time in the county jail isn’t going to be like summer camp.

As for the puppies, they are at the local animal shelter (where they should have been in the first place). They are now local and national heroes as some national networks have picked up their story. There are likely people waiting in line to adopt the puppies that proved sometimes the world is fair and balanced.

So thank you Jerry Bradford. Thank you for proving to us all that sometimes there are forces at work to make sure bad people get what’s coming to them. Thanks also to a little puppy named Rex. We are grateful, as I am sure your littermates are too. We can now all go about our days knowing at least sometimes things work out the way they should.

So good luck superdogs. I hope you live long and fruitful lives with your new families who actually want you. Also, good luck in jail Jerry!

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