Lady Eagles ended the month at home against Hooper Colts

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Fort Dale Lady Eagles returned to their home court Monday afternoon and tried to corral the Colts of Hooper Academy, but to no avail.

The junior varsity lost their match and the varsity had the same result.

The Lady Eagles junior varsity squad took the court for the first match of the doubleheader and took the first game.

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FDA struggled early but rallied from 8-2 to tie the game at 8-8 before taking the lead and expanding it.

The rally scoring system that is used in volleyball where there is a point on every ball played to the Lady Eagles advantage in the first game. It allowed them to capitalize on Hooper Academy's mistakes and ultimately take the first game 25-16.

Hooper battled back and evened the match at one game apiece.

"I don't know what happened in the second match," said Scarlett McNaughton, coach of the Lady Eagles. "They tried to keep it together in that game, but they just looked lost at times."

In the third match of the best of three series, FDA's junior varsity never could get it together. The rally scoring came into play again during this match, only this time it played to the Hooper Colt's benefit. Allowing them to claim a sound 25-8 victory.

Giving them the 2-1 advantage and the match.

The two varsity squads took the floor for the nightcap.

Hooper took advantage early and kept ahead of Fort Dale in the first game. The Lady Eagles refused to go down and fought off game point four times, until a return was hit into the net and Fort dale was unable to put it in play.

Fort Dale, however, showed their resiliency in the second game of the best of five series.

The Lady Eagles went up 11-8 in the match and fought to stay on top. Both squads had several long volleys before a point was ever scored, but, they were once again unable to corral the Colts, Hooper took a 2-0 lead in the match by the tally of 25-23.

Fort Dale however, refused to be shut out and posted a 25-22 win in the third match.

The Lady Eagles jumped ahead 5-2 after trailing 2-0.

Their lead continued throughout the match with Hooper fighting back in an attempt to tie, but a serve from Laura Beth Jones put Fort Dale up.

Hooper fought off match point for one service, after that, the Lady Colts were unable to put the ball over the net giving Fort Dale the 25-22 win and forcing a game four.

"This is one of the best game's that they have played. We've been working on setting and spiking in practice," McNaughton said "Thursday we had a great practice and that excitement carried over to this game."

In the fourth game of the night,

FDA and HA traded serves and points with neither team being able to put the other one away.

Hooper began to pull away.

First at 23-19, Fort Dale was unable to return serve.

Then at 24-19, The Eagles were once again unable to return serve.

Fort Dale, for the second time, cut into their opponents lead during match-point. They brought the game within three points of forcing a game five.

But, for the Lady Eagles, the match ended following a long volley by both squads, but Hannah Tilley had the ball bounce off her arm and across the net. Unfortunately instead of dropping inside the line and giving the Lady Eagles the point, it bounced outside and ended the match.

Fort Dale will get their chance to defeat Hooper again Thursday when they travel to Montgomery to play Hooper Academy at their place.

"We are going to have two good days of practice and hopefully they can take Hooper on Thursday," McNaughton said.