Truckers are very generous

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Instead of heading to the beach last weekend to celebrate Labor Day and the end of the summer, I stayed at home for some much needed R&R.

Since I took the job as editor at the Journal a few weeks ago, I've been extremely busy meeting and greeting people, organizing, preparing for upcoming editions and attending meetings, which resulted in many late nights.

As always, I covered Friday night football like I've done the past eight years during the months of September and October. I enjoy going to the games, but sometimes the 8:30 a.m. until midnight Friday shifts get to me, so I decided to stay home during the holiday. Plus I wanted to attend the Hunter's Appreciation Day and Peanut Boil.

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Friday afternoon before the games, I had the opportunity to assist the Brantley Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department during its boot drive for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Like I said in last week's column, I always like to lend a helping hand if I'm able. I figured holding a boot out for motorist to drop money in for a good cause was the least I could do, so I volunteered.

During the hour or so I worked with the firemen, I noticed that truckers are very generous.

As I expected, several motorists didn't donate to the cause, but most every truck drivers did. I thought that said a lot about the type of people who drive trucks.

I'm not saying that others didn't give because they did and did so very generously, it's just I didn't expect that from truckers. I guess like most people I had the wrong impression of who's behind the wheel of big rigs.

Being friends with several truck drivers, I am aware of how many miles they travel in a week. That means they more than likely go through several roadblocks a week held by different organizations soliciting money for a charitable cause. I'm sure they give to most of them.

So next time you're driving down the interstate and the truck driver in front of you or behind you is making you angry, remember, they're nice people too. They just have several places to go.

As for Brantley's fire department, it raised $5,023 total surpassing its goal of $5,000. During the two-day weekend, the firemen raised $1,400.

Way to go guys.

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