Voter apathy scares us all

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 28, 2004

On Tuesday, we watched as only a very few of the several thousand registered voters who live in Greenville turned out to vote in the three city council district races.

We cannot say that voters flocked to the polls.

We cannot even say a a majority voted.

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All we can say is that the amount of interest and the concern needed to vote in the election obviously wasn't there. We have to ask if anyone other than the few hundred who voted really care about what happens in our fair hometown?

Of the several thousand registered voters here, only 879 of you took the time to go to the polls.

That's a sad commentary on our election process.

Now, we know that there will be many more than that who will voice their critiques of the job those holding office in the future.

Well, sadly, we have to ask what right do you have to question anyone since you didn't vote.

We hope that in November when there are local elections on the ballot for the county commission, that people do take the time to do their civic duty.

You know the one we refer to, the act of voting.

It's one of those things that American soldiers since before we were a nation have bled and died for.

If there wasn't a better turnout in November, it would be a very sad state of affairs to see that people don’t really seem to care about the national or local scene.

Some of you might be thinking we're quite harsh in our thoughts today, but you know, it is a free country.

We just hope that if the issue ever comes up to change the idea of freedom, more than 879 of you will decide to vote against it.