September, Peanut Boil sneaking up fast

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 28, 2004

Well, here it is almost September so you know what that means. The year is about gone and there’s still so much to be done.

Labor Day is coming up again and so that means it is peanut boiling time again. The Shriners I am sure are getting ready for that busy weekend. There is just nothing like boiled peanuts.

Visitors come by the store all the time asking if we sell them. This is one item you just don’t get up north. I know when I first married my husband and he brought me down here I would watch people put peanuts in their soft drink bottle and then turn up the bottle to get a drink. It’s just a good ole’ Southern tradition.

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And if you would like to help the Shriners with the boil I am sure they won’t mind. Just come on out to the boiling area and they will be glad to show you what needs to be

Done or get in touch with local attorney Jon Folmar and he will be able to answer any questions.

I need to make a correction on last week’s article. Mills Chapel Church is doing pictures, but they are being taken at the Ivy Creek Community Center, which is off of

Hwy. 77 in the Beat 12 community. The pictures taken in Greenville will be at the Best Value motel, which is the old Holiday Inn off the bypass.

If you haven’t bought a coupon there is still time. They are $5.00 and the pictures will be taken all day Saturday August 28 at both places.

I am sorry for any inconvenience, but they were unable to get the Rutledge Community Center.

Dozier Freewill Baptist Church will host its singing at 7 p.m. Saturday night with Supper starting at 6:00p.m. The Williamson Family and Friends will be the guest singers.

Calvery Baptist Church will have their homecoming Sunday.

Brantley Assembly of God will host it fifth Sunday singing at 5 p.m. Sunday. Tommy and Tina Mann and family will be the guest singers. They sing gospel and bluegrass. There will be refreshments served afterwards.

New Life Center’s Heritage School will begin at 8:30 a.m. on Sept. 7 and continue until 2:30pm. Each week it will be open from Monday through Thursday. They will be holding classes for K-4 through twelfth grade.

This year they will be participating in sports activities such as softball and baseball. There are only 49 students allowed to enroll and Bro. David Mount said they still have a few openings. He is pleased to say their enrollment is up this year.

If you are interested about the school or enrolling your child please call 527-2775.

They also have plans on building a daycare in the future.

In case you haven’t noticed, Full Gospel Church located on Wyatt St in Brantley has a new name, Word of Faith Church.

And with time it is going to have a new look.

The church has bought quite a bit of land around it and they are planning to enlarge its church. They spent last weekend clearing ground and working on the inside of the church. Bro. Ron Hackathorn came to this church in February and so came the improvements.

On Sunday August 15 the church celebrated the birthday of a member of their church, Florence (Gallops) Reeves, who turned 94 years young on Aug. 18.

Mrs. Reeves, wife of a farmer and a widow since 1982 had six children, three boys and three girls. Her three girls, Buna Mae Sanders, who lives in Luverne, Betty who lives in Mobile and Merlene Petty, who lives in Brantley are her only surviving children.

Bro. Hackathorn said there were between 140 and 150 in attendance at the church. After church they had a nice lunch and for dessert they served a cake with Mrs. Reeves’ picture on it.

&uot;Mother is a sweet and humble person,&uot; Merlene said. &uot;A great mother and great -grandmother.&uot;

The Bethany Center was the place to be Aug. 21.

Edison Wallace turned 70 years young and his sister Opel Peek gave him a birthday tea party from 2 p.m. until 5 p.m.

Edison is one of Brantley’s finest citizens. He greets most everyone who comes into the store everyday. If he isn’t there we have customers ask where is he is at.

Standing about 4-foot tall wearing his cowboy hat and stars on his collar, Mr. Edison will let you know he is the most well groomed man in town. You will see him make his rounds through town checking on all his friends from the bank to grocery store to the barbershops. Every once in awhile he will go to visit his sister in Montgomery.

Edison always lets everyone know how long he will be away and checks on everything when he returns. Something that comes to mind when I think of Edison is the words Love Lifted Me. Edison loves most everyone and he lets them know it and most everyone loves Edison.

A member of Brantley Baptist Church, Mr. Edison is Brantley’s best-kept secret.

Happy Birthday to Lynn Williamson who turned 14 Aug.22; Travis Jacques Jr., who turned 17 on Aug. 24 and my grandson Rory (Bubba) Cook Jr., who will be five on Aug. 31.

Please continue to pray for the Coggins and Beasley families. In good times and in bad, God’s grace covers every situation.

Please pray for Ronnie Robbins and Carol who were hurt riding a motorcycle recently.

Please pray for John Fergison, Jerry Covin and Karen Johnson. They all have medical problems. God hears and answers every prayer.

Until next time remember let your life be a light to someone and as soon as possible.