It#039;s a small world after all

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 26, 2004

Following a six-day honeymoon trip to Disney World, you can imagine that all the music flowing throughout the magical theme parks were stuck in my head.

As a matter of fact, I swore off Disney songs as I watched the huge theme park disappear in my rear view mirror as my wife Jennifer and I headed home.

That being the case, you may be asking yourself why my column is titled after Disney World's trademark song.

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Let me explain.

Last week, after reading that I had been promoted to editor of The Journal, I received an

E-mail from an old high school friend, Jonathan Chance, congratulating me on my career advancement.

The letter he wrote began like this: "I can’t believe this, two Corner boys in the small little town of Luverne, AL."

When I read that line I about fell out in the floor. It couldn't be.

The reason I was so shocked is it seems like Jonathan and I can't get away from each other. In the past year and half, I've seen him while covering a Troy University/UAB football game at Legion Field, in Gulf Shores and in Troy. It's not that I don't want to see him, it's just strange how we keep bumping into each other.

Now we're going to be working in the same town.

Jonathan and I attended Corner High School. We got to know each other all too well while in the marching band and concert band together. If you were in the band in high school, you know what I mean. Band members treat each other like members of their family and I still consider Jonathan one of my brothers.

If the residents of Luverne don't know Jonathan, they soon will. This summer he was hired as Luverne High School's band director. That was music to my ears.

Knowing Jonathan for nearly 10 years now, I know how much he wanted to be a band director. So after reading his letter, I was more excited for him than I was myself. He had an ongoing joke that he was going to take the place of our band director, Rick Coggin, when he retired. Needless to say, Mr. Coggin is still conducting from his wooden platform in the old high school tucked away in the corner of Jefferson County.

I also learned Jonathan was getting married, which I thought was great, since I recently recited my vows as well. To know that a friend and fellow alumnus was doing well simply put a smile on my face.

It must be a small world after all.

Adam Prestridge is editor of The Luverne Journal. He can be reached at

335-3541 or

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